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Adam Benson

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==Personality and traits==
==Personality and traits==
Adam was often considered a great asset to the Blue Team, due to his well-rounded skills. His plan against Blake and J.J. during Week Five helped show that Adam was thinking about getting farther into the competition and was confident that he would make it farther down. Because of his actions of plotting at an early stage, not forgiving and personally attacking Caleb have led some people to criticize Adam's personality. Despite Adam's arguments with Caleb however, he seemingly managed to forgive him after he had eliminated Caleb. Chris had stated that Adam was juvenile yet mature, and that he had devised all the crazy things Blue Team did.
At the house, Adam made friends with numerous competitors. As members of his alliance, Adam became great friends with Chris, Iain, and Tara. He had also gained friendship with members of Red Team, including Kelly, Denny, and Brad. Despite the circumstances between Adam, J.J., and Blake, it is likely that Adam had regained the friendship of both of them.
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