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Adam Benson new
Adam Benson
 Personal information

May 4, 1965[1][2]


Baltimore, MD[1]


Construction Project Manager[1]

 Competition information

Season One



Episode eliminated

"The Shortest Fuse"


Adam Benson was a contestant of Top Shot Season One and member of the Blue Team. After surviving to the final seven, he became a member of the Green Team.

Personal life

Adam, who calls himself "The Last Great American Hero", has had experience with rifles, shotguns, pistols, the compound bow, and muzzleloaders. He worked formerly as a Marine rifle expert, where he was given the nickname "Bam-Bam". Adam currently competes in the International Practical Shooting Confederation Master Class in pistol and three-gun events. As well as having used many firearms as well as bows, Adam also designs and builds catapults for pumpkin-throwing contests. He is a Construction Project Manager from Baltimore, Maryland.[1][3]

Audition video

"When I heard about this Top Shot competition, I knew it was for me."
―Adam Benson[src]

In Adam's audition video, he is seen shooting at targets with weapons, as well as stating his background with the Marine Corps and the ISPC.[3][4]

Top Shot

Week One

Adam Benson arrival

Adam arriving for Season One.

Adam arrived for Top Shot Season One, instantly being assigned to the Blue Team. After all sixteen of the contestants arrived, Colby Donaldson, the host of the show, announced the rules of the competition. After this, he let the competitors go into the house they would be staying in during the competition. After this, both the teams headed to the Shooting Range to participate in the first Practice Session. Here, the contestants used four historical firearms: the M1903 Springfield, SVT-40, Mosin-Nagant, and M14. Here, while he shot, Chris Cerino spotted for him, and Adam did the same for Chris. Both teams headed back to the house, where they decided on who would be shooting what weapon.

Adam Benson 1st TC

Adam aiming for his target.

The following day, both the teams headed to the Shooting Range again, but to compete in the first Team Challenge. Here, four stations were set up with each of the four weapons, with an obstacle in the way. Adam was assigned to the M14 with Chris Cerino, which meant that he would have to slog through a mud pit to get to his station. On the first station, Mike Seeklander and Andre Robinson of Red Team had made it to their station before Iain Harrison and Tara Poremba of Blue Team. It took a short time for both teams to hit their first target, but then Iain and Mike were up to shoot at their targets. It took both a while to hit their targets, but eventually, being at the last station, Adam and Chris got through the mud pit after every Blue Team member had already performed, with little concerns about Red Team, which was still stuck on the first station. After Chris hit his target in one shot, Adam was up to shoot, managing to hit it in one shot, resulting in Blue Team's victory.

After the challenge, both the teams headed to the house, where the Red Team held a meeting before heading to the Nomination Range to send two people to the Elimination Challenge. When Red Team returned, it was revealed to Blue Team that Mike Seeklander and Kelly Bachand would be sent to the challenge. The following day, the Red Team left to witness the first Elimination Challenge, in which Kelly came out victorious. When the Red Team returned back to the house, where they decided to hang Mike's shirt and anyone that would be eliminated after him, in a tribute to them.

Week Two

After the elimination of Mike, both the teams were given a night to rest before going back to the Shooting Range to engage in the second Practice Session, this time using the Beretta 92F under guidance by expert Ben Stoeger. Here, Adam did well with the weapon, and was excited for the following Team Challenge, though he had no idea what it was going to be.

Adam Benson 2nd TC

Adam aiming at his target.

Both teams headed to the Shooting Range the following day to participate in the second Team Challenge. Here, seven tubes of decreasing diameter were set up. Whichever team was able to hit all the tubes in the fastest time was victorious. Blue Team had heard in advance that someone on their team would have to sit out, and they decided on James "Jim" Sinclair, due to his poor performance at the Practice Session. When Colby stated that the Red Team would decide, the Blue Team was disappointed when they chose Blake Miguez, one of the more experienced with the weapon. Both teams then assigned a person to each tube, choosing Adam for the fifth largest. After Simon "J.J." Racaza hit the fourth tube, Adam was up, and managed to quickly hit his target. After Tara Poremba and Chris Cerino hit the smallest tube, the weapon was back to Jim, who was the only one to miss his tube. After a long pause, Jim shot at his target and hit it. Blue Team beat the Red Team's score by 27 seconds, resulting in their second win.

Both the teams returned to the house, where the Red Team held a short meeting on deciding who to send to Elimination. After this, they headed to the Nomination Range. When the Red Team returned back to the house, it was revealed to Blue Team that Frank Campana and Brad Engmann were sent to the challenge. The following day, the Red Team departed to witness the second Elimination Challenge. They returned back to the house later in the day with Brad, who hung Frank's shirt.

Week Three

Adam Benson 3rd PS

Adam with the longbow during the Practice Session.

"It's astounding to hear that the old English longbows men were shooting 150-180 pounds. I mean, uh, for hunting, I use a 60-pound bow, 70-pound bow."
―Adam Benson after listening to Chris Palmer.[src]

After Frank's shirt was hung, both the teams were given another night of rest before going to the third Practice Session. Here, a large hay target was set up, and it was announced that the contestants would be using the longbow under guidance by bowman, Chris Palmer. Adam, having used bows before, likely did well during the practice and was ready for the next Team Challenge.

At the challenge the following day, a larger hay target was set up. Using the longbow, whichever team could hit closer to the bullseye of the target would be victorious. Before commencing in the challenge, Red Team had to decide on two contestants of Blue Team to sit out, deciding on Adam and Chris. Adam witnessed as Iain Harrison started for Blue Team, and when Kelly hit closer to the bullseye than him. For a while after that, nobody was able to hit any closer to the bullseye than Kelly until J.J. Racaza was up. For Red Team to win, Bill Carns had to hit closer to the bullseye of the target than J.J. However, he was unable to do this, resulting in the Blue Team's third victory.

When both the teams arrived back at the house, Red Team eventually held a meeting, with an exception of Brad, who was in the kitchen with the Blue Team. The Red Team then headed to the Nomination Range, and shortly after returned, announcing that Bill and Brad were sent to the Elimination Challenge. The following day, the Red Team left to witness yet another of these challenges. They arrived back at the house again with Brad, who hung the shirt of another competitor.

Week Four

After Blue Team's third consecutive victory and the elimination of Bill Carns, the teams were given a night to rest before going to another Practice Session. For the fourth Practice Session, using the AR-15, contestants were assigned to shoot at foe targets and try to hit as less friend targets as possible. The expert for this was the returning expert, Craig Sawyer. After everybody had went on Blue Team, Jim Sinclair was up, and caused concern for his team based on his time during the session.

Adam Benson 4th TC


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