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"Wild, Wild West"


Andre Robinson was a contestant of Top Shot Season One and a member of the Red Team.

Personal lifeEdit

Before serving in the United States Army, Andre had trained with the Marines and earned the "Rifle Expert" status in four competitions, and then during his time serving in the army, gained the status two more times. He was stationed in South Korea and may still be. Andre is a bodybuilder and family man with children and a wife.[1]

Top ShotEdit

Week OneEdit

Andre Robinson arrival

Andre, moments after arriving.

Andre joined Top Shot to show his children that anything can be done as long as you have commitment.[1] When he entered the show, he was instantly assigned to the Red Team. After every contestant had arrived, Colby Donaldson, Top Shot's host, appeared and introduced the rules of the competition and introduced the competitors to the house they would be living in for a while. After the team members introduced themselves to each other and the competitors got used to the house, both teams headed down to a Practice Session using four weapons: the M1903 Springfield, SVT-40, Mosin-Nagant, and M14 under guidance by ex-SEAL Craig Sawyer. Andre and his fellow Red Team members received some help from Mike Seeklander and Kelly Bachand, two contestants familiar with shooting rifles. After the session, Andre evidently did well shooting the rifle. Both teams then headed back to the house, where they would later assign each individual to one of the weapons.

Mike Seeklander challenge

Andre and Mike during the first Team Challenge.

At the Team Challenge, there were four stations with each of the four weapons with obstacles standing in the way of the competitors and these stations. Before the Elimination Challenge, Andre was assigned to shoot the M1903 Springfield and to spot for Mike Seeklander while he shot. Andre and Mike then crawled under barbed wire to get to the station. After getting through, Andre was to shoot the 50-yard target while Mike spotted for him. Andre let a few shots off, but Tara Poremba of Blue Team had hit her target before Andre, giving Blue Team a slight lead. Shortly after though, Andre hit his target and began to spot for Mike, possibly having difficulties. Mike was unable to shoot the target, giving Iain Harrison time to shoot his targets, as well as for the remainder of Blue Team to get through the stations and obstacles until they won.

Andre Robinson

Andre with the Red Team uniform

Both the teams returned to the house, where Red Team that would help them decide who to vote for at the Nomination Range. Mike then felt that he was responsible for their loss, and volunteered to be put in the Elimination Challenge. However, some people on the team stood up for Mike, which annoyed Andre. During the meeting, Andre was concerned that they might vote him off and decided to vote for Mike based on performance. At the Nomination Range, Andre did end up shooting at Mike's target. In the end though, Mike Seeklander and Kelly Bachand ended up with three votes each, both being sent to the Elimination Challenge.

The next day, during the evening, Andre had witnessed the Elimination Challenge that had cost Mike Seeklander the competition, as he was hardly able to compete with Kelly during the challenge. Andre then witnessed as Mike's shirt was hung as a tribute to him later that night.

Week TwoEdit

After the Red Team's first loss, they felt determined not to go back to the Nomination Range anytime soon. Both teams got up to attend a Practice Session using the Beretta 92F under guidance by USPSA shooter, Ben Stoeger. Andre evidently did well during the Practice Session. Members of Red Team planned on letting Kelly use most of the rounds for practice, based on his little experience with pistols, but most of these were used by Brad Engmann in the end to get familiar with the pistol. Red Team remained pretty confident heading into the next challenge.

Andre Robinson 2nd TC

Andre during the second Team Challenge.

At the Team Challenge, there were seven tubes decreasing in diameter as they went on. Each Red Team member was assigned to shoot one of these tubes, Andre being assigned the largest tube. He quickly shot his tube, and the shooting went to Kelly, who was also able to shoot his target on his first shot and was followed by another successful shot by Denny Chapman. Then Frank Campana was up, but missed his target on his first try. The pistol then went to Peter Palma, who managed to shoot his target on his first shot. Then Brad Engmann and Bill Carns were up, both missing their targets. Frank was up again, yet again missing his tube. Then Brad went up, shooting his tube, followed by another miss by Bill. Frank was then up again for his third try, finally shooting it, and then followed by a successful shot by Bill. The time of the Red Team, however, was not enough to compete with the Blue Team, and they had lost yet another challenge.

The teams returned home where the Red Team held their second team meeting. Almost instantly, Frank spoke up, stating he would vote for Bill based on performance. Then Bill stated he would vote for Frank for the same reason. Andre either seemed more convinced towards Frank's recommendation or he liked him better as a person, because he shot at Bill's target at the Nomination Range. In the end, there were three votes towards Brad and Frank and only two towards Bill, making Brad and Frank the two to compete in the second Elimination Challenge.

The next day, Andre and the rest of Red Team witnessed as Frank was eliminated. They returned back to the house where they hung Frank's shirt next to Mike's.

Week ThreeEdit

After the Red Team's second defeat, they were hoping they would not have to attend another visit to the Nomination Range right after their last trip. Both teams headed to a Practice Session using the longbow under Chris Palmer. During the session, Andre was able to shoot the blue of the target, and one time hit a flag around the target. After the Practice Session, Red Team was feeling pretty confident for the Team Challenge the next day.

Andre Robinson 3rd TC

Andre during the third Team Challenge.

Both teams went down to the Shooting Range the following day to participate in the third Team Challenge. Contestants were to shoot at a target using the longbow, and whichever team could hit closest to the bullseye would win. Iain Harrison was the first to shoot, hitting the yellow for his most accurate shot. Then Kelly was up, shooting the yellow closer to the bullseye than Iain just before his time to shoot was up. After that, nobody, including Andre, was able to shoot closer to the bullseye than Kelly until Simon "J.J." Racaza of Blue Team managed to shoot even closer. Bill Carns was the last to shoot for Red Team, and in order for Red Team to win, he would have to shoot closer than J.J. did. In the end, however, Bill was unable to do this, costing Red Team yet another challenge.

The contestants went home, where the Red Team held their third consecutive meeting, deciding who to vote off. Andre stated at the meeting that he would vote for Brad Engmann, due to his complaints about the weaponry used during the challenges. At the Nomination Range, Andre's target was shot at for the first time by Brad, who stated he voted for him because he dropped a number of arrows and was off target a few times. Then Andre was up, shooting Brad's target for the reasons he revealed at the meeting. In the end, there were two votes for Brad and Bill, one vote for Andre, and one vote for Kelly, sending Brad and Bill to the Elimination Challenge.

Before the Elimination Challenge, Andre was watching Brad from above the balcony, seeing if he was talking bad about him. Then he walked away saying "cocky crybaby" and met with Bill, saying he hoped he would send him home. Andre the next day witnessed the Elimination Challenge with unsatisfactory results, as Brad had defeated yet another member of Red Team. The now five members of Red Team went home, and Andre witnessed as Bill's shirt was hung next to Frank's.

Week FourEdit

Andre and the rest of Red Team were a little disappointed about the results of the Elimination Challenge, and headed to another Practice Session with the Blue Team, hoping they would win the next Team Challenge. At the Practice Session, contestants used the AR-15 shooting at friend and foe targets under guidance by the returning Craig Sawyer. At the Practice Session, Andre was to shoot at black targets with the AR-15, doing very good. In the end, Red Team was feeling confident with their shooting.

Andre Robinson 4th TC

Andre during the fourth Team Challenge.

At the fourth Team Challenge, contestants were to shoot at a 6×6 grid, using the AR-15, being given a brief moment to look at the friend and foe targets before they were hidden. Red Team was given a starting lead, and by the time Andre was up to shoot, his team had 19 points while the Blue Team had 13. Andre had a strategy to remember his plates, but forgot them after he began shooting. He shot two blue foe targets, but one friend red target, giving him a score of 1 point, and bringing the Red Team's point count to 20. James "Jim" Sinclair of Blue Team was then up, and for Blue Team to tie, Jim had to shoot all seven of his targets. Jim ended up short though, hitting four red targets and one blue target, increasing the Blue Team's point count to 16. For the first time, Red Team returned to the house victorious.

The next day, after the Blue Team had came back from their first trip to the Nomination Range, Andre and the rest of Red Team knew that Jim Sinclair and Iain Harrison would be competing in the Elimination Challenge. Blue Team arrived from the Elimination Challenge later that evening, and it was known to everyone at that point that Jim was eliminated. Andre then witnessed as Jim's shirt was hung next to Bill's.

Week FiveEdit

After Red Team's first victory, Andre and his team members felt confident. Both the teams headed to a Practice Session using the Kentucky long rifle under guidance by historical rifles expert, Garry James. As Peter Palma was up to shoot the rifle in practice, Andre spotted for him. Then when it was Andre's turn to shoot, Peter did the same for him. After everyone shot, Red Team tried to calculate how high to aim. This possibly helped Red Team during the challenge.

Andre Robinson 5th TC

Andre during the fifth Team Challenge.

Both teams arrived at the Shooting Range, where Colby asked how the teams were doing and how they were structured. Denny stated that Red Team was doing fine with being a team, and then Tara Poremba of Blue Team stated their team was doing well despite a recent argument with Caleb Giddings, Blake Miguez, and J.J. Racaza against Adam Benson and Chris Cerino. Seeing the deterioration of Blue Team, Red Team decided to let Adam and Chris sit out. The contestants were to shoot at five targets, one at 25, 50, 75, 100, and 125 yards. After the Red Team had gained a point from shooting the 25-yard target, Andre was up, shooting the 50-yard target in the center of the red, getting Red Team another point. Red Team had four points nearing the end compared to Blue's zero. The last target was worth four points, and if Caleb was able to shoot the target closer than Pete, Blue Team would win. However, Caleb was unable to even hit the target, causing the Red Team's second victory.

After Blue Team arrived from their second trip to the Nomination Range, Red Team knew that Adam Benson and Caleb Giddings would be participating in the Elimination Challenge. After the challenge, the Blue Team arrived at the house without Caleb, making it known to the Red Team that he was eliminated. Andre then witnessed the fifth contestant's shirt being hung on the railing next to Jim's.

Week SixEdit

After the Red Team's second victory, both teams headed to the sixth Practice Session; this time using the Colt Peacemaker under guidance by historical weapons expert, Spencer Hoglund. Andre was not very confident using the weapon because of its age. Despite Andre's thoughts, Red Team was feeling pretty confident using the weapon.

Andre Robinson 6th TC

Andre during the sixth Team Challenge.

Both teams arrived at the Team Challenge, and saw a saloon with 50 targets. Whichever Team would be able to shoot all 50 of the targets first would be victorious. Blue Team was first for the challenge, finishing the course in seven minutes and thirty-five seconds. Red Team started very well, with accurate shooting by Brad Engmann and Peter Palma. Then Andre was up, hitting with six out of his ten rounds. Then Kelly and Denny were up to shoot, not hitting much of the targets. Brad was up a second time and shot once before time ran out. After two consecutive wins, Red Team had lost their fourth Team Challenge.

Red Team held a team meeting after both teams had arrived home, where Denny instantly said that he deserved to go to the Elimination Challenge based on his results. At the Nomination Range, Andre voted for Kelly based on his poor performance. His shot had ensured Kelly's spot in the Elimination Challenge. Peter then voted for Andre based on Andre's experiences in the past. This caused a tie between Andre and Denny for going into the Elimination Challenge. To settle the tie, Brad was randomly selected, and shot Andre's target, ensuring his spot in the Elimination Challenge.

Andre and Kelly got up to attend a Practice Session using the Colt Peacemaker again under Spencer Hoglund. At the practice, Andre noticed that lots of his shots were high, made and adjustment, and managed to shoot dead-on with the weapon. Both men left comfortable with their results.

Andre Robinson EC

Andre during the Elimination Challenge.

"They're the worst poker players in the world."
―Peter Palma to Denny Chapman[src]

The Red Team arrived at the Elimination Challenge, and noticed a large wheel with cards on it. The goal was to get a better hand in poker to stay in the competition by shooting the cards on the wheel. Kelly shot the ace-of-hearts, and then Andre hit the ace-of-spades, both going for a royal flush. Both hit their proper cards, but both needed a ten. Kelly aimed for the ten-of-spades, but missed it. Andre then hit the same card with his bullet. To catch up, he hit the 10-of-hearts, resulting a tie, as both had a royal flush. Andre then shot the two-of-spades, followed by an attempted shot to the ace-of-clubs by Kelly. Andre then shot the six-of-spades, going for a flush. Kelly then devised to go for a four-of-a-kind, but planned on blocking Andre to get a better hand, shooting the five-of-spades. Andre then shot the four-of-spades. Kelly, after blocking Andre, shot the four-of-hearts. Andre was confused as of what to shoot after Kelly shot the five-of-spades. Kelly then shot the five-of-clubs, having a better hand, causing Andre to be eliminated.

"Congrats man. I should have played some poker."
―Andre to Kelly after losing.[src]

Andre congratulated Kelly on beating him, and jokingly said that he should have played some poker before the challenge. Andre then had to say goodbye to his team members before heading off.


Andre Robinson shirt hanging

Kelly hangs Andre's shirt.

After being eliminated, Red Team arrived back at the house, where Kelly Bachand hung his shirt next to Caleb's.[3] In the epilogue to the Season Finale, it states that Andre has returned to his army base in South Korea.[4]


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