Top Shot application

An application for Season Four.

"When I filled out the application to be on Season Two, one of the questions they ask is why you want to be on Top Shot. I put a simple answer down; because I can win it."
Chris Reed, winner of Season Two[src]

Applications are documents filled out by auditioners to apply as a contestant for a season of Top Shot. Along with the application, an auditioner must also submit an audition video.

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On the application, there are three different sections. The first section is for Eligibility Requirements, which gives rules to who cannot be a contestant. After this, there is a section for Submission Guidelines. Finally, there is a form where answers must be filled out. The questions asked include an applicant's legality, marksmanship, physical fitness, and personality. At the bottom of the application is a spot for a name and signature, as well as the date.

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