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The Beretta 92F is a pistol introduced in 1975 by the Italian company, Beretta. It is one of several pistols appearing in Top Shot.


Top ShotEdit

Season OneEdit

In the creditsEdit

In the credits of Top Shot Season One, a Beretta 92F with a suppressor is shown held by Mike Seeklander.

Use in votingEdit

Voting Gun S1

The 92F used at the Nomination Range.

When a team visited the Nomination Range in Season One, each contestant would shoot the target of the person they wanted to send to the Elimination Challenge using the Beretta 92F. There are side markings on this weapon indicating that it is a civilian version of the 92F. The 92F was used at the Nomination Range after the results of every Team Challenge. In Season Two, the 92F was replaced with the Colt Gold Cup pistol.

Week TwoEdit

Blake Miguez 2nd PS

Blake Miguez using the 92F in practice.

During Week Two of Top Shot, Colby Donaldson stated that in the Team Challenge the Beretta 92F would be used, and that in the Practice Session, the contestants would receive help from USPSA Grand Master, Ben Stoeger. Many of the individuals on the Blue Team had handled the weapon prior to the competition, making many very comfortable with it, especially Blake Miguez, who had used the pistol in his first competition at 12-years-old. Some members of Red Team had also handled the weapon prior to entering the competition, and they had used it two days before after going to the Nomination Range. Being a pistol challenge, members of Red Team expected Kelly Bachand, an experienced rifle shooter, to be a disadvantage to them during the challenge. However, Kelly had performed well with the weapon. It did concern the team, though, that Brad Engmann, their only professional pistol shooter, did not fancy the weapon due to significant differences between it and a Glock, the primary firearm used by Brad during competitions. At the Team Challenge the following day, there were seven tubes of decreasing diameter for each team. Using the Beretta 92F, the team that could hit all the tubes in the quickest time would win. The Blue Team had won this event.

Frank Campana ECPS

Frank practicing again with the Beretta 92F.

After the Red Team's loss, they nominated both Brad Engmann and Frank Campana to go to the Elimination Challenge. At the Practice Session prior to the Elimination Challenge, Colby stated that once again they would be using the Beretta 92F, to the disappointment of both competitors, and that in the challenge, movement would be also involved. They received guidance from a new expert, Matt Burkett, who had stated that at the Elimination Challenge there may be equal chances of either contestant winning. The following day, at the Elimination Challenge, a zipline was set up with targets to hit on its left and right. This zipline would move down and whoever could shoot the most targets would win the challenge. In the end, Brad ended up winning, sending Frank home.

Week NineEdit

Kelly Bachand 1st IC p1

Kelly Bachand trying to sever a fuse with the 92F.

During Week Nine, the remaining seven contestants of Season One, Adam, Blake, Chris, Iain, J.J., Kelly, and Peter formed the Green Team. Because of this, the contestants had entered the individual part of the competition. For the first of the individual challenges, the contestants were to try severing a fuse before it reached an explosive using the Beretta 92F. This proved to be difficult, with only Adam and Peter succeeding on their first run. During the second run, everybody but Blake and Kelly were able to sever their fuse. To make things more simple, a target was set up, and whichever of the two contestants could hit closer to the center of the bullseye with the 92F would stay in the competition. Blake ended up losing this, jerking the shot low.

Week TenEdit

Chris and JJ 92F

Chris Cerino and J.J. Racaza with the 92F.

After the elimination of Adam and Kelly prior to Week Ten, only Chris, Iain, J.J., and Peter were still in the competition. For the third Individual Challenge, two contestants at a time would go head-to-head, switching plates to their assigned color. Whichever team had more plates of their color on the course would be victorious and safe from elimination. Chris and J.J. went against each other first, and due to J.J. being a national speed champion pistol shooter, was able to defeat Chris. Then Iain and Peter went head-to-head. Despite Peter being more of a rifleman, he began with a good start over Iain, but nearing the end, wasted much of his ammo. It was then between Chris and Peter on who would be eliminated. In the end, it was Peter who had lost and was sent home.

Chris FC Beretta

Chris Cerino using the Beretta in the final challenge.

After J.J. was eliminated in the fourth Individual Challenge, both Chris and Iain had made it to the final challenge. Here, there was a station with the Beretta 92F, which had a small tube 25 feet away after the throwing knife, longbow, Colt Peacemaker, and Winchester Model 1873 stations and before the AR-15 and M14 stations. Whichever contestant could finish the course first would win and be declared Top Shot. Chris managed to make it to the Beretta 92F station before Iain had. However, Chris had made a few misses, giving Iain time to catch up and hit his tube in one shot. After a few shots, Chris managed to hit his tube and proceeded. In the end, it was Iain who won the challenge and the competition.

Season Five Edit

The Beretta 92F was brought back for the Final Challenge on the Season Five finale: "Last Man Standing". The Beretta was used on the sixth station where marksmen had to shoot through a 2-inch-diameter tube at 25 feet emulating the challenge from the "Thread the Needle" episode.


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