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"Trick Shot Showdown"

The Beretta Xtrema 2, also known by its full name, the Beretta AL391-Xtrema2, is a shotgun introduced in 2004 by Italian firearms producer, Beretta. It is one of the few shotguns making its appearance on Top Shot.


The gun is primarily used for hunting, being sold in the United States and other countries. It costs anywhere from 1400–1600 dollars.

Top ShotEdit

Brad Engmann Beretta Xtrema2

Brad using the Beretta Xtrema2 during practice.

In Week Seven of Top Shot Season One, the Beretta Xtrema2 was used as the firearm for the Elimination Challenge for the members of Red Team, Kelly Bachand and Brad Engmann while shooting at clay pigeons thrown in the air. An expert of this weapon, Scott Robertson, helped the contestants get used to shooting and throwing, but weren't given the opportunity to throw themselves and then afterwards shoot at them. Brad had shot very well with the weapon, only allowing a few pigeons to hit the ground. Kelly was not exactly as good at shooting the pigeons while in the air, but was much better at throwing them. At the Elimination Challenge, the competitors would be shooting and throwing the clay pigeons. It was here that Brad Engmann had lost to Kelly by only a single point.


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