Blake Miguez
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New Iberia, LA[1]


Semi-Professional Shooter[1]

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Season Five


7th (Season One)
15th (Season Five)

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"The Shortest Fuse" (Season One)
"Tricks of the Trade" (Season Five)


Blake Miguez was a contestant and Expert of Top Shot. He participated as a contestant in Season One and Season Five, while also serving as an expert in Season Two.

During Season One, Blake was originally a member of the Blue Team, but managed to survive past the half-way mark in the competition and became a member of Green Team. Blake was eliminated during Week Nine, after losing an Elimination Challenge against Kelly Bachand.

In Season Two, Blake was an expert for the speed-shooting challenge along with fellow Season One contestant, Simon "J.J." Racaza. They provided their expertise in shooting quickly with both the .45 Colt 1911 and 2011 RazorCat race gun.

Blake was brought back for Season Five, but was eliminated during Week Two after losing an Elimination Challenge against Kyle Sumpter.

Personal lifeEdit

Blake was introduced to shooting at a young age, competing in the United States Practical Shooting Association at 12-years-old and becoming a Grand Master at 17. He is a champion in his home state of Louisiana and has ranked in the top 16 for nationals in the past 10 years. He has also been affiliated with anti-terrorism forces. When not shooting, Blake works as an attorney in his hometown of New Iberia, Louisiana.[1]

Top Shot: Season 1Edit


Blake Miguez Season One promotional picture

Week OneEdit

Blake Miguez arrival

Blake arriving for Top Shot.

Blake arrived for Top Shot Season One, instantly being assigned to Blue Team and meeting one of his friends from the USPSA, Simon "J.J." Racaza. Eventually, the last contestant arrived, and Colby Donaldson, the host of Top Shot stated the rules of the competition before letting the competitors get used to the house they would be living in during the competition. After this, both the Blue and Red Team headed to the Shooting Range for the first Practice Session, using four historic firearms: the M1903 Springfield, SVT-40, Mosin-Nagant, and M14 under guidance by expert Craig Sawyer. Here, Blake practiced with the weapons before both teams headed back to the house. Here, Blake was assigned to shoot the SVT-40 at the following Team Challenge.

Blake Miguez 1st TC

Blake during the first Team Challenge.

The following day, both teams headed to the first Elimination Challenge, where four stations were set up, with each of the four weapons and a different obstacle in the way of each. Blake, who would be shooting the SVT-40 with Caleb Giddings, was to go to his station after Iain Harrison and Tara Poremba finished the first station, and would have to get through brush to get to his station. After Tara hit her target, she was having difficulty spotting for Iain, so Blake and Caleb tried telling him where his shots were going. After Iain had adjusted the spotter for Tara, Iain immediately hit his target and it was turn for Caleb and Blake to go, while Red Team was still stuck on their first station. After Caleb hit his target on the first shot, Blake was up to shoot at his, quickly hitting it. Eventually, the Blue Team won the challenge while the Red Team was still at their first station.

Both the teams returned to the house later that day, where the Red Team held a meeting deciding who to nominate. After this, they headed to the Nomination Range to vote two people into the Elimination Challenge. When Red Team returned to the house, Blue Team knew that Mike Seeklander and Kelly Bachand were sent to the challenge. The following day, Red Team departed to witness the challenge, and when they returned to the house without Mike, it was obvious that he had been eliminated. Blake took part in hanging Mike's shirt as a tribute to him.

Week TwoEdit

Blake Miguez 2nd PS

Blake shooting during the Practice Session.

"I've heard that Blake drilled the hell out of the targets, and I didn't expect any less."
Brad Engmann[src]

After being given a night to rest, both teams got up the following morning to attend a Practice Session using the Beretta 92F under guidance by USPSA shooter, Ben Stoeger. During practice, Ben immediately recognized Blake due to being involved in the USPSA. Blake did very well, having used the weapon in his first competition. When the Blue Team went back to the house, there only concern was James "Jim" Sinclair's skills with the weapon.

Blake Miguez 2nd TC

Blake witnessing the challenge.

"The minute the Red Team found out they could pick on me, they said, 'Blake, you're gone'."
―Blake Miguez[src]

The following day, both teams went to the second Team Challenge, where seven tubes were set up, each with a decreasing diameter. Whichever team could hit all the targets in the fastest time would win. The Blue Team had heard that one of their team members would have to sit out in the challenge, and originally chose Jim, but Colby stated that the one to sit out would be decided by Red Team. After hearing of Blake's performance at the Practice Session the previous day, Red Team chose for him to sit out. Blake witnessed as the Red and Blue Team were up for the challenge. Despite having Blake sit out, Blue Team won the challenge.

Both the teams headed home, where the Red Team held another meeting before heading off. When the Red Team returned home, Blue Team was informed that Brad Engmann and Frank Campana were sent to the Elimination Challenge. Later the next day, the Red Team left to witness the challenge and came back without Frank, indicating his loss, and hung his shirt.

Week ThreeEdit

After Frank's elimination, the following day, both teams went to the Shooting Range to attend the third Practice Session. Unlike in the first two challenges, the contestants weren't using a firearm, but a longbow under guidance by Chris Palmer. Many members of Blue Team went home, feeling out of their comfort zone.

Blake Miguez 3rd TC

Blake loading his bow.

"Thirty seconds is not a lot of time with shooting that bow quickly."
―Blake Miguez[src]

The following day, both teams headed to the Shooting Range to participate in the third Elimination Challenge. A large target made of hay was set up downrange. Whichever team would be able to hit closer to bullseye of the target would win the challenge. Due to rules, Blake wasn't aloud to sit out in the challenge, so the Red Team chose Chris Cerino and Adam Benson to sit out. Iain Harrison started the competition for Blue Team, hitting in the yellow ring, just near the green. Then Kelly Bachand of Red Team was up, who was able to hit in the yellow close to the red, giving the Red Team the lead. Nobody afterward, including Blake, was able to hit closer to the bullseye than Kelly, until J.J. was up. He hit closer by only a few inches. If Bill Carns could hit closer to the bullseye than J.J., Red Team would win the challenge. However, Bill was unable to, resulting in Blue Team's third consecutive victory.

Both teams returned to the house, where Red Team held their third meeting, with an exception of Brad, who was in the kitchen with Blue Team. Later that day, Red Team headed to the Nomination Range, where they nominated Brad and Bill for Elimination. The following day, Red Team left to witness the third Elimination Challenge. When they returned without Bill, it was clear that Brad had survived his second Elimination Challenge. Bill's shirt was later hung in tribute.

Week FourEdit

Blake Miguez 4th PS

Blake during the fourth Practice Session.

"My experience with the AR, is, I've seen it on TV."
―Blake Miguez[src]

After three losses by the Red Team, both the teams headed to the Shooting Range in the morning to attend the fourth Practice Session. This time, the weapon used was the AR-15 under guidance by the returning expert, Craig Sawyer. Along with firing the weapon, the contestants were to shoot at foe targets and try not to hit friend targets. Blake had never used the AR-15 before, but to his and his teammates' surprise, he had shot all his foe targets and no friend targets in a very quick time. The Blue Team returned to the house, unsure about Jim's abilities once again.

After Jim's run

Blake witnessing the fourth Team Challenge.

Both teams headed to the Shooting Range the following day to participate in the Team Challenge. Here, a 6×6 grid was set up, which would have friend and foe targets on it. Hitting a foe target would add a point, but hitting a friend target would lose a point. Before going into the challenge, Red Team decided to sit out Blake, J.J. and Iain. Blake witnessed as the Red Team started and ended with a lead. When it was Jim's turn to go up, he had to get a perfect run to tie with the Red Team. However, this did not happen, and after Peter Palma of Red Team was up, made it impossible for the Blue Team to recover, resulting in their first loss.

Blue Team headed back to the house, where they held their first meeting. Here Jim and Tara instantly volunteered themselves, due to having poor performances. Then Iain volunteered himself because he didn't do well in practice, and he still thought he owed Blue Team for the first Team Challenge. A few hours later, they headed to the Nomination Range. When Blake was up, there were already three votes to Iain and one towards Jim. He voted for Iain, ensuring his spot in the Elimination Challenge. In the end, Jim and Iain were to compete in the challenge.

The following day, Blue Team headed to the Shooting Range to witness the fourth Elimination Challenge, in which Iain came out victorious. Blue Team returned home and hung Jim's shirt.

Week FiveEdit

After the Blue Team's first loss, the teams headed down to the Shooting Range the following morning to attend another Practice Session. However, this time, the weapon used was the Kentucky long rifle under guidance by historical weapons expert, Garry James. After everybody had shot, the Blue Team looked at their targets and then headed home, unsure of the outcome of the next challenge. During the night, Caleb Giddings told Blake and J.J. about a plot that Adam Benson had told him about eliminating them. This outraged Blake and J.J., and made them lose their respect for Chris and Adam, who had formulated the plot. The following morning, nobody talked to Adam, which caused suspicion. He asked Caleb if he told Blake and J.J. anything, and eventually figured out what happened before heading to the Team Challenge.

Blake Miguez 5th TC

Blake with the Kentucky long rifle.

"Naturally, I'm expected to perform the best I can for the Blue Team, and we have all this tension going on, and Adam and Chris get to sit out and watch. I have to go up there and shoot as close to the bullseye as I can for a Blue Team that supposedly is conspiring against me."
―Blake Miguez[src]

At the Shooting Range, before the challenge, Colby asked both the teams how the teams were doing. Tara stated that she thought Blue Team was doing fine, but then Colby asked Adam, who stated what Caleb did and insulted him. Blake instantly backed up for Caleb. Seeing this, Red Team was inspired to sit Adam and Chris out in the challenge. For the challenge, five targets were set up at 25, 50, 75, 100, and 125 yards. Whichever team could hit closer to the bullseye on each individual target would gain a point for their team, with an exception of the final target, which was worth four points. Blake was assigned to the 75-yard target, however, his first shots were hang fires, and the weapon had to be swapped out for a new one. After this, he hit just outside the orange ring, and then Denny Chapman of Red Team was up to shoot the target, who managed to hit in the orange, giving Red Team another point, gaining a total of 3 points versus Blue Team's 0. When it was time to shoot the last target, Blue Team was down by 4 points, and it was up to Caleb to hit the 125-yard target to tie with the Red Team. However, this did not happen, resulting in Blue Team's second defeat.

Blue Team argument TGTRaTU

Blake arguing with Adam Benson.

"You're all guilty of conspiracy."
―Blake Miguez[src]

The Blue Team returned to the house later, where they held a meeting that got very heated. Blake started by saying Chris and Adam were guilty of conspiracy, and then said Adam was weak for insulting Caleb. Eventually, Adam stated something that helped end the argument. Then Chris stated that he was sorry for his involvement, but an apology did not come from Adam before heading to the Nomination Range. When Blake was up, Caleb was already in the Elimination Challenge, and Blake shot at Adam's target, ensuring his spot in the challenge.

The following day, the Blue Team headed to the Shooting Range to witness the fifth Elimination Challenge, in which Adam came out victorious. They returned to the house where they hung Caleb's shirt.

Week SixEdit

Blake Miguez 6th PS

Blake during the sixth Practice Session.

"The pistols I usually shoot are semi-automatic, modern handguns. With this thing, you've only got five to six rounds, and you've got to manually work the action."
―Blake Miguez[src]

After Blue Team's second consecutive loss, they headed to the Shooting Range the following day to attend another Practice Session, using the Colt Peacemaker under guidance by historical weapons expert, Spencer Hoglund. Here, Blake was given some advice on reloading and cocking the weapon.

Blake Miguez 6th TC

Blake witnessing Chris Cerino's final run during the Team Challenge.

"Blake, being the odd man out; he was just going to call out targets that he didn't see, or we didn't see."
―Simon "J.J." Racaza[src]

At the Shooting Range the following day, a large saloon had been set up for the Team Challenge with fifty targets placed on it. Whichever team would be able to hit all of the targets in the quickest amount of time would win. After the Red Team decided that Blake would sit out for Blue Team, they decided that Blake would call out targets that his teammates didn't see. He witnessed the challenge and called out targets, just as Blue Team had planned. In the end, Blue Team finished with a time of 7 minutes and 35 seconds. Blake then watched the Red Team's performance, which was rather sloppy, and by the time they reached the 7 minute, 35 second mark, they still had 23 targets left to hit, resulting in the first Blue victory after two defeats.

Both the teams headed back to the house, where the Red Team held another short meeting before going to the Nomination Range. When they returned to the house later in the day, it was revealed that Andre Robinson and Kelly Bachand were sent to the Elimination Challenge. They departed the following day, and later returned without Andre, indicating that Kelly had survived his second challenge. They hung Andre's shirt in tribute to him.

Week SevenEdit

Blake Miguez 7th PS

Blake during the seventh Practice Session.

After Blue Team had revived from its short losing streak, they headed to the seventh Practice Session, in which many of the competitors were very concerned with. The skill they were to get comfortable with was trick shooting. First, using the Winchester Model 1873, contestants were to look into a mirror while they had the rifle over their shoulders. Blake did well with the shot, and afterward jokingly stuck his tongue out to the mirror. Next, using the Smith & Wesson M&P, contestants were to shoot at black dots one-handed. Finally, using the Smith & Wesson Schofield, contestants were to throw a cabbage under a rope and shoot it before it hit the ground. Before throwing his cabbage, he took a bite into it and then tried shooting at it. Overall, many Blue Team members felt out of their comfort zones.

The following day, the teams headed to the Shooting Range for the seventh Team Challenge. Here, four stations were set up. The only things different than in the practice the previous day were the targets and the addition of shooting a half-can while thrown under a rope. When a target was hit, it would add a point to the team's total. For the first time, the Blue Team was given the option on deciding who to sit out, deciding upon J.J. and Adam. Then, Blue Team assigned each team member to a station, deciding on Blake to shoot the half-cans. Iain was up to hit the cans, and raised the Blue Team's point total to six after Tara and Chris had gone through their stations. Red Team was behind by three points, but each half-can hit would add two points. Kelly was up for Red Team, hitting only one of the half-cans, resulting in Red Team's loss and Blake not performing in the challenge.

After the Red Team held a short meeting, they headed to the Nomination Range and soon afterwards went to the house, announcing that two Elimination Challenge survivors, Kelly and Brad, were sent to the challenge. They departed the next day to witness the Elimination Challenge. Kelly survived yet again and hung Brad's shirt.

Week EightEdit

Blake Miguez 8th PS

Blake prepared to throw a knife during the Practice Session.

"So I'm thinking, man, this is something else."
―Blake Miguez[src]

The contestants woke up to a rainy morning following Brad's elimination, and many were wondering what the challenge would be with all the precipitation. They headed to the Practice Session, where it was revealed that they would be using throwing knives based off of the bowie knife under guidance by Todd Abrams. Blake was called up by Todd, and asked him where he was from. After stating he was from Louisiana, Todd jokingly said not to embarrass him, being a Louisianan himself. However, Blake did not stick the knife in the target.

Chris, Blake, Tara TRE

Chris, Blake, and Tara sitting out for the challenge.

At the Team Challenge the next day, six targets were set up, with a beam set up in front of it, which itself had water to its front and back. Whichever team could hit all the targets first would win. Blue Team once again was given the opportunity to choose who to sit out, and due to rules, could not sit out J.J. or Adam. Iain, having done well in practice the previous day, was decided to compete, while Blake, Chris, and Tara sat out. Blake witnessed as the Blue Team finished the course in 3 minutes and 5 seconds. He then saw as the Red Team lost by only 5 seconds, with a time of 3 minutes and 10 seconds.

The remnants of the Red Team did not hold a team meeting, and headed to the Nomination Range. When they returned from their trip, it was revealed that Denny and Peter were sent to the Elimination Challenge. After this, Tara Poremba announced that she would be leaving the competition due to her father, who only had a couple of days left to live. Blake didn't want to see her go, but accepted it. Red Team then headed to the Shooting Range the following day to witness the Elimination Challenge. Peter came home, victorious, and hung Denny's shirt after his first Elimination Challenge.

Week NineEdit

"I need a .45 1911 with some wadcutters in it or something. Give me...give me a shotgun, because this is gonna be rough."
―Blake Miguez[src]
Blake Miguez new

Blake with the Green Team uniform.

After the loss of two contestants, the remaining seven competitors went to the Shooting Range, where Colby stated that they had entered the individual part of the competition. Each of the contestants swapped their original-colored jerseys for green-colored ones. Shortly after, the now Green Team headed to the Shooting Range for the first Individual Challenge.

Blake Miguez q IC p1

Blake during the first Individual Challenge.

Here, a fuse was set up, which was connected to an explosive. After the fuse was lit, the contestants would have to sever it using the Beretta 92F before the fire detonated the explosive. If they were unable to do this, someone else would also have to fail at severing the fuse. After Iain Harrison was unable to sever his fuse, Blake was also unable. After this, Kelly, J.J., and Chris did not sever their fuses, but Peter and Adam were able to. This resulted in a second round. Before him, Chris had managed to sever his fuse, but Kelly did not. Blake was up, and though he shot a tight group by the fuse, he still couldn't sever it. Afterward, Iain and J.J. hit their fuses and severed them.

Blake Miguez 1st IC p2

Blake aiming at the target.

"This is a motivator. This says, 'Blake. Why don't you go home, take your production gun, and shoot a million rounds and make sure everyone goes in the bullseye, because you just looked like a jackass on national TV and you jerked the shot."
―Blake Miguez[src]

Because Kelly and Blake were unable to sever their fuses, they had to go into a third round, which was more simple than breaking the fuse. A target was set up, and whoever could shoot closer to the bullseye would save themselves from elimination. Kelly was up first, shooting just outside of the bullseye. Then Blake was up to shoot, and shot the target, but not close to the bullseye because he jerked the shot, thinking the weapon would go off when it didn't. He said goodbye to his fellow competitors before walking off.


Blake Miguez shirt hang

Kelly hanging Blake's blue shirt.

"Blake will be missed."
―Kelly Bachand upon hanging Blake's shirt.[src]

After Blake's elimination, the remaining six competitors headed back to the house, and decided on hanging one of Blake's blue shirts to stick with the pattern. Kelly hung his shirt on the railing, and remarked that he would be missed. Blake was present to see the final challenge between Iain and Chris along with the other Green Team members that had been eliminated. In the epilogue of the Season Finale, it states that Blake now runs his father's company, which helped cleaning up the Gulf oil spill.[3]

Top Shot: Season 2 expertEdit

 Competition information
Expert of
"Well, if there's anything we learned about these two gunslingers on Season One, it is that they shoot fast! Very fast!"
―Colby Donaldson[src]

In Season Two, Blake and J.J. were guest experts for the fifth Team Challenge, helping with the .45 Colt 1911. The Blue Team was up to practice first, starting with Chris Tilley, a contestant that both had recognized due to involvement in the USPSA. Jay Lim was the last up, and both J.J. and Blake noticed his amateurish way of holding the pistol. They tried helping him to shoot in a more professional manner, but he ignored these remarks. They picked Daryl Parker as the most accurate, but Chris as the fastest with the weapon.

Blake and JJ S2

Blake and J.J. as experts in Season Two.

Next, Red Team was to practice. Both of them noticed that Eric Anderson had a few idiosyncrasies that weakened his performance, and instantly noted that Brian Zins and Jamie Franks were the strongest shooters with the weapon, making both them the expert pick.

The following day, Blake and J.J. witnessed the fifth Team Challenge, in which the Blue Team came out victorious.

After the Red Team headed to the Nomination Range, the contestants nominated, Jamie and Eric, went to a Practice Session again under Blake and J.J., but instead using the 2011 RazorCat race gun. They noticed that Jamie got used to the weapon in a quick amount of time, but Eric was having difficulty operating the weapon, but not shooting it. Later that day, Blake and J.J. witnessed the Elimination Challenge, in which Jamie came out victorious.

Top Shot: Season 5Edit

In 2013, it was announced that Blake would be a contestant in Season Five, Top Shot All-Stars.

Week OneEdit

In week one, Blake reached second place in the episode "Best of the Best".

Week TwoEdit

In week two, Blake was sent to the nomination against Kyle Sumpter, and was eliminated in a tie-breaker that involved shooting a gumball of a peg with the Volquartsen Ruger 10/22.

Personality and traitsEdit

Blake was considered a valuable asset to the Blue Team and a threat to the Red Team. He helped guide his teammates in a good manner as well as contestants in Season Two. During his time on Top Shot, Blake had made numerous friends, which include Peter Palma, Tara Poremba, Caleb Giddings, and others.


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