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"Trick Shot Showdown"


Brad Engmann was a contestant of Season One and member of the Red Team.

Personal lifeEdit

Brad is a project manager for a firm, residing in San Francisco, California. He has been known to throw people off in competitions, and end up winning wearing a suit and tie. Currently, Brad is a USPSA grand master, and placed 23rd in 2009 in the Production Division. He also holds master-class certification in the IDPA and had taken second in the California championship.[1]

Brad became interested in shooting when he was about thirteen, but dropped the sport for racing cars during his late teen years. Then when he dropped racing cars, he went back to shooting, primarily using a Glock 35.[3]

Top ShotEdit

Week OneEdit

Brad Engmann arrival

Brad arrives for Top Shot.

Brad auditioned for Top Shot Season One, and got the chance to compete on the show. He arrived after Peter Palma and just before Mike Seeklander, where he was automatically assigned to the Red Team. After every contestant had arrived, Colby Donaldson, the host of Top Shot, came out, introduced the rules of the competition, and let the competitors get used to the house they would be staying in for the next few weeks. Afterward, both teams went to a Practice Session using four historic weapons: the M1903 Springfield, SVT-40, Mosin-Nagant, and M14 under guidance by expert, Craig Sawyer. At the Practice, Brad spotted for Mike Seeklander while he was shooting, and Mike did the same for him. Both the teams returned home, prepared for the following Team Challenge.

Brad Engmann

Before the Team Challenge, Mike Seeklander arranged who would be firing which of the weapons during the challenge, assigning Brad the SVT-40. At the Team Challenge, there were four stations with each of the weapons, along with some sort of obstacle blocking the contestants' ways. Brad would have originally had to get through a large thicket of brush to get to his station, but the entire Red Team was delayed by Mike Seeklander and Andre Robinson at the M1903 station, enough to the extent that the members of Blue Team had won the challenge.

Both the teams arrived back at the house, where Red Team had a meeting on who to send to the Elimination Challenge. Brad stood up for Mike, stating that voting for him would not be fair towards his reputation. At the Nomination Range, Brad voted for Kelly Bachand, because Mike wanted to go up against the strongest rifle shooter in the challenge. Then Denny Chapman voted for Brad, because Brad volunteered himself to go home, as did Kelly for the exact same reason. In the end, Brad had two votes, while Mike and Kelly had three, who were to be sent to elimination.

Brad witnessed the Elimination Challenge the following day, which resulted in the elimination of Mike Seeklander. Red Team returned to the house where they hung one of Mike's shirts as a tribute to him.

Week TwoEdit

Both teams were given a time of rest before heading to the second Practice Session, this time using the Beretta 92F pistol under guidance by USPSA shooter, Ben Stoeger. Red Team decided to let Kelly use up most of the rounds, because he wasn't as experienced with shooting pistols. When Brad was up, he shot, not listening much to Ben's suggestions, trying to get used to the timing of the gun. After Kelly was up, shooting the targets rather accurately, Brad went up again, using up the rest of the ammo. Red Team left the Practice Session, with their only concern being Brad.

Brad Engmann 2nd TC

Brad during the second Team Challenge.

At the Team Challenge, there were seven tubes of decreasing diameter that were to be shot at by each team. Brad asked members of the Red Team what tube they would be comfortable shooting at, and after everybody else had chosen a tube, Brad assigned himself the sixth smallest tube. Peter Palma was up to shoot the fifth smallest tube after Frank Campana was unable to shoot the fourth, hitting it. Then Brad was up, shooting, but missing his target. Bill Carns then got up to the shooting line, but missed the smallest tube. Frank was up for his second shot, took aim, but missed again, leading to Brad's turn. Brad took his time with his second shot, and was able to shoot the tube. Bill was then up again, missing for his second time. Frank then stepped up to shoot his target, managing to hit, followed by a hit by Bill. In the end, however, the time was not enough to compete with Blue Team's time, resulting in Red Team having to attend another Elimination Challenge.

Both teams returned to the house, where Brad had come up with excuses for missing his target, which irritated some of the contestants. Later, Red Team held a meeting, where Frank instantly stated that he would vote for himself if he could, but would decide to vote for Bill because he missed two shots in comparison to Brad's one. Red Team then headed to the Nomination Range. After a vote to Frank and Bill, Peter Palma voted for Brad because he was a pistol shooter and missed his first shot. After Denny and Kelly went up, Brad got up, shooting Frank's target, ensuring his spot in the Elimination Challenge. Frank was then up, voting for Brad because he was tired of his excuses for missing. This caused a tie between Brad and Bill, which was broken by Peter, who voted for Brad.

Brad Engmann 2nd EC

Brad during his first Elimination Challenge.

Brad and Frank got up to attend a Practice Session the following day using the Beretta 92F, but this time under Matt Burkett. Here, Brad got more used to using the weapon. At the Elimination Challenge, there was a zipline set up, which the contestants had to ride down, shooting at targets. Brad was the first to go, shooting five targets, but this was tied during Frank's first run. For the tiebraker, both contestants had to go back down the zipline. Brad once again shot five targets, but Frank was only able to hit one, resulting in Frank's elimination.

Brad and the remainder of Red Team headed back to the house, where they hung Frank's shirt in tribute to him.

Week ThreeEdit

After the second defeat of Red Team, they were hoping that the results of the next Team Challenge would be in their favor. Both teams got up to attend the third Practice Session, this time using the longbow under guidance by archer, Chris Palmer. During the practice, Brad was able to shoot an arrow in the blue of the target. Red Team went home, pretty confident for the next challenge.

Brad Engmann 3rd TC

Brad during the third Team Challenge.

At the Team Challenge, there was a target set up. Whichever team was able to shoot closest to the bullseye would win. Iain Harrison of Blue Team was up first, with his best shot hitting in the yellow. Then Kelly was up, and after his last shot, hitting in the yellow closer to the bullseye than Iain. After that, nobody was able to get closer to the bullseye, including Brad Engmann, shooting in the blue. This changed after Simon "J.J." Racaza's last shot, who was able to beat Kelly's shot by only a short distance. It was up to Bill Carns to win the challenge for Red Team, only being able to shoot the green, causing their third consecutive loss.

The teams returned to the house, where the remainder of the Red Team, excluding Brad, had a meeting deciding who to nominate for Elimination. Peter Palma was concerned, thinking that Brad would vote for him. Andre Robinson then stated he would vote for Brad because he had more friends in the Blue Team. After a vote to Kelly Bachand and Bill Carns, Brad was up, shooting at Andre's target based on performance. Then Andre and Pete voted for Brad, ensuring his spot in another Elimination Challenge. Then Denny Chapman was up, shooting Bill's target, making him also compete for his spot in the competition. Later that night, Brad had gotten irritated that he would have to shoot for his spot using a weapon he had little experience with. Andre noticed this, and met up with Bill, stating he hoped he would win, based on Brad's complaining.

Brad Engmann 3rd EC

Brad during his second Elimination Challenge.

Brad and Bill got up the following day to head to a Practice Session before the Elimination Challenge, using a similar weapon from the day before, the crossbow, under guidance by Bill Troubridge. At the Elimination Challenge later that day, Bill and Brad had to shoot at four apples. Whoever would be able to shoot all four apples first would win. Brad was the first to get his bow cocked, but the first shot was to Bill, quickly followed by Brad. Then, instantly after, Bill shot his second apple. Then Brad shot his second apple, shooting his third apple soon after. After several misses to his third apple, Bill finally caught up to Brad after a while, but in the end, Brad ended up shooting his fourth apple before Bill could let off his last shot. Brad was victorious, sending another member of Red Team home.

Brad and Red Team returned back to the house, hanging Bill's shirt in tribute.

Week FourEdit

The Red Team was very determined to win the fourth challenge after losing three consecutive challenges. Both teams got up to attend a Practice Session using the AR-15 rifle under guidance by the returning expert, Craig Sawyer, who had them shoot at assigned foe targets. During Brad's practice, he shot all but two of his foe targets, and none of his friend targets. Red Team walked away, confident that the following challenge would be won by them.

Brad Engmann 4th TC

Brad during the fourth Team Challenge.

Both teams arrived at the Team Challenge, where a 6×6 grid was set up. Using the AR-15, contestants were to shoot at the foe targets on the grid, after viewing the grid for 30 seconds. Whichever team would be able to produce the most points would be victorious, deducting points if a friend target was hit. Brad decided to remember by columns. After Denny Chapman had gotten six points for Red Team, and Caleb Giddings had gotten five points for Blue Team, Brad was up, managing to hit all seven of the foe targets, bringing the point total of Red Team up to thirteen. After a while, Red Team had twenty points and Blue Team had thirteen. If James "Jim" Sinclair of Blue Team would be able to have a perfect run, he would win the challenge for Blue Team. Jim, however, did not have a perfect run, resulting in the first Red Team victory.

After Blue Team had went to the Nomination Range later that day, Brad and the rest of Red Team knew that either Jim or Iain would be sent home. After the Elimination Challenge had taken place, Red Team knew that Iain had been victorious when he walked into the house. Brad witnessed as Jim's shirt was hung.

Week FiveEdit

After Red Team's first victory, they were feeling confident that they could be able to win another challenge. The contestants headed down to the Shooting Range to get familiar with the Kentucky long rifle under guidance by historical firearms expert, Garry James. After every Red Team member had shot, they calculated where each person would need to shoot to be as accurate as possible, which helped the Red Team during the Team Challenge.

Brad Engmann 5th TC

Brad during the fifth Team Challenge.

Both teams headed to the range the next day, where Colby asked how the teams were doing. Denny stated that the Red Team was doing well as a team, and Tara Poremba of Blue Team stated that their team was doing good, but Adam Benson thought otherwise, stating that Caleb Giddings had told J.J. Racaza and Blake Miguez a plan they had against them. Seeing this, Red Team decided to make Adam and Chris Cerino, another main member of the conspiracy in the Blue Team to sit out. The challenge was to shoot at five targets at 25, 50, 75, 100, and 125 yards, and whichever team could shoot closer to the bullseye on a target would earn a point. J.J. Racaza shot the 25-yard-target, shooting the black stripe separating the bullseye from the orange. Then Brad was up, shooting closer to the bullseye than J.J., giving Red Team a point. Nearing the end of the challenge, Red Team had gotten points on the first four targets. If Caleb Giddings was able to shoot the 125-yard-target closer to the bullseye than Peter Palma, Blue Team would have a chance to tie with Red Team. This tie, however, did not occur, as Caleb was unable to hit the target. Red Team had then won their second consecutive challenge.

After the Blue Team headed back from the Nomination Range, Red Team knew that Adam Benson and Caleb Giddings would be sent to elimination. After Adam stepped through the door later the next day, it was known to Red Team that Adam had been victorious and that Caleb had been sent home, resulting in the 5th shirt hung on the railing.

Week SixEdit

After Red Team had been able to win two consecutive challenges, they were feeling confident that they may be able to win a third. Both teams went down to the Shooting Range to get familiar with using the Colt Peacemaker under guidance by Spencer Hoglund. Brad and the remainder of Red Team felt confident using the weapon, and were ready for the next Team Challenge.

Brad Engmann 6th TC

Brad during the sixth Team Challenge.

Both teams arrived to the challenge, where a large saloon was set up with several targets. Whichever team would be able to shoot all the targets first would be victorious. Blue Team was first, shooting the course in 7 minutes and 35 seconds. Then Red Team was up, starting with Denny Chapman, who had previous experience with the gun. Ironically though, Denny only shot two targets with his ten rounds. Then Brad was up, hitting seven targets with ten rounds. After Peter, Andre, and Kelly were up, Denny went back up, not doing much better than his last time. Then Brad was up again, only letting off one shot before time was up. Once again, Red Team had lost a challenge, and would have to decide who to eliminate.

Red Team held their fourth team meeting, where Denny instantly stated that if anybody voted for him, he wouldn't hold it against them. Later, Peter stated that he wouldn't vote for Brad based on his superior performance during the Team Challenge. Brad did not want to vote for Denny, and went to Andre, stating that he wouldn't vote towards him, but Kelly. At the Nomination Range, as Brad promised, voted for Kelly. Then Kelly went up, voting for Denny. Denny was then up, shooting at Kelly's target. Then Andre was up, shooting Kelly's target as promised, followed by a vote to Andre by Peter. The tie between Denny and Andre was broken by Brad, who voted for Andre, making it known at that point who would be sent to elimination.

Brad witnessed the following evening the Elimination Challenge between Kelly and Andre, of which, Kelly was victorious. Red Team returned to the house, where Andre's shirt was hung on the railing.

Week SevenEdit

After the Red Team's fourth loss, they were hoping they could catch up to the Blue Team in numbers. They arrived at a Practice Session using three firearms: the Winchester Model 1873, Smith & Wesson M&P, and Smith & Wesson Schofield under guidance by Jon Wilson. The goal was to do trick shots, shooting the Winchester while viewing into a mirror, pointing it from behind the contestants' backs. With the M&P, contestants were to shoot one-handed at small black dots. Then, with the Schofield, contestants were to shoot a cabbage thrown under a rope before it hit the ground. Of all these, Brad did well, except while shooting at the cabbage.

Brad Engmann 7th TC

Brad during the seventh Team Challenge.

At the Team Challenge, there were stations set up for each weapon and trick shot. Whichever team could perform more trick shots would be victorious. Brad was assigned to shoot the can thrown under the rope with the Smith & Wesson Schofield. When it was Brad's turn to go up, Red Team was down by two points. Given three tries, Brad missed all of them. Then Iain Harrison of Blue Team was up, hitting one of his cans, bringing Blue Team's score up one point. Kelly then had the chance to beat the Blue Team, shooting half-cans before they hit the ground. Kelly managed to shoot the first can, but was unable to hit the last two, resulting in the Red Team's loss.

The teams returned to the house, where Red Team held a very brief teem meeting. Later, at the Nomination Range, Brad fired at Kelly's target, based on his versatility. Then Kelly voted for Brad because he devised a plan during the Team Challenge that led to Red Team's downfall and that he missed all his targets. Then Denny voted for Kelly, ensuring his spot in another Elimination Challenge. Finally, Peter was up, typically voting for Brad, ensuring his spot in the Elimination Challenge.

Brad Engmann 7th EC

Brad during his final Elimination Challenge.

The next day, Brad and Kelly got up to attend a practice session using the Beretta Xtrema2 under guidance by Scott Robertson. Here, Scott would throw clay pigeons in the air while the contestants were to shoot at them, teaching them how to throw the pigeons as well. Later, at the Elimination Challenge, Kelly was the first up, shooting his first clay pigeon, gaining a point. Then Brad did the same, tying up the challenge. Then, the contestants were to throw two pigeons in the air, of which, Kelly only hit one, while Brad hit two. After throwing three pigeons in the air, Kelly hit one, as did Brad. During the second-to-the-last part of the challenge, the contestants were to throw four pigeons in the air, Kelly hitting three of them. Brad was only able to hit one of them, which gave Kelly a slight lead. Kelly was up again for the final part of the challenge, shooting two of the five targets. Afterward, Brad was up, only being able to shoot two targets, losing to Kelly by only a point. Brad said goodbye to his teammates and headed off.


Kelly hanging Brad's shirt

Kelly hanging Brad's shirt.

After Brad's elimination, Red Team returned to the house, where Kelly Bachand hung Brad's shirt next to Andre's.[4] It is mentioned in the epilogue of the Season Finale that Brad had been subsequently competing nationally with a new pistol that was not a Glock, like he is more familiar and experienced with.[5]

Personality and traitsEdit

"The sights are worn on the one that we had, but umm, but what psyched me out was the fact that I was drooping an inch-and-a-half to the right."
―Brad Engmann[src]

Brad has been known to have complained about using certain weapons and made excuses as to why he did not perform up to expectations during challenges.[6][7] This had caused him to be sent to numerous Elimination Challenges, of which, he survived most of.[6][7][8] Despite being constantly voted for by Peter and other members of Red Team, he had shown to have had little grudges against his team members.[7] Most often, he based his votes off of past experience or performance, rather than personality. One thing that annoyed some Red Team members though, was his friendship with many members of Blue Team, which some stated was unloyal.[7]


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