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"The Good, The Rat and The Ugly"


Caleb Giddings was a contestant of Top Shot Season One and member of the Blue Team.

Personal lifeEdit

Caleb is often known while shooting as "The Little Giant" because, even though he stands at 5 feet 6 inches and weighs 145 pounds, he has out-shot people much bigger and faster than him. Caleb started shooting at the age of eight. When he got into college he started shooting in competitions. During his time at the Coast Guard Academy and at other locations including Gunsite and Blackwater, he had been prepared to do more intense shooting. After this, Caleb had earned many trophies from the Indiana State Steel Challenge, the Ray Chapman Speed Event, and the Indiana State IDPA tournament. Caleb works with insurance sales in his hometown of Fishers, Indiana. He is also a writer, running a shooting sports website to help introduce people to competitive shooting. Of all firearms, Caleb prefers the Smith & Wesson Revolver.[1][3]

Audition videoEdit

During Caleb's audition video, he is seen shooting at a target with some sort of revolver or pistol, possibly a Smith & Wesson.[3]

Top ShotEdit

Week OneEdit

Caleb Giddings arrival

Caleb arriving for Top Shot Season One.

Caleb was the last of the 16 contestants to arrive for Top Shot Season One, when he was automatically assigned to the Blue Team. Colby Donaldson, the host of Top Shot then appeared, stating the rules of the competition and introducing them to the place the competitors would be living in for the next few weeks.

Caleb Giddings

Caleb with the Blue Team uniform.

After a short time, both teams headed to a Practice Session using four weapons: the M1903 Springfield, SVT-40, Mosin-Nagant, and M14 under guidance by ex-SEAL Craig Sawyer. How Caleb did during the Practice Session remains unknown, as he is only briefly seen, and never seen shooting during it. Later that night, the Blue and Red Teams decided on who would be shooting what weapon, and it is most likely that he was assigned to the SVT-40, which he may have been shooting during the Practice Session.

Caleb Giddings 1st TC

Caleb during the first Team Challenge.

At the Team Challenge the next day, there were four different stations with each of the weapons with obstacles standing in the competitors' way. At the first station for the Blue Team were Iain Harrison and Tara Poremba shooting the M1903 Springfield at targets, while the Red Team members were Mike Seeklander and Andre Robinson. After a while of Iain being unable to shoot his target, Blake Miguez and Caleb maneuvered through brush to get to their station with the SVT-40. Caleb shot his target on the first shot and began to spot for Blake, only missing a few times before James "Jim" Sinclair and Simon "J.J." Racaza could proceed to their station. In the end, Adam Benson and Chris Cerino had ended up finishing the course before the Red Team could even finish their first station.

Both teams returned to the house, and the next day, the Red Team had to decide on who to send to the first Elimination Challenge. During the evening, the elimination occurred, not viewed by the Blue Team. Then the Blue Team knew after a trip to the Nomination Range by the Red Team that Mike Seeklander and Kelly Bachand were to go to the Elimination Challenge. It wasn't until Kelly Bachand had walked through the door later that Caleb and the Blue Team knew that Mike Seeklander had been eliminated. Then, Caleb had witnessed the hanging of Mike's shirt after being eliminated.

Week TwoEdit

After being given time to rest, the Blue and Red Teams returned to attend another Practice Session, but this time the contestants were to become familiar with the Beretta 92F under guidance by practical shooter, Ben Stoeger. Caleb shot well during the Practice Session, as did most of the members of Blue Team, with an exception of Jim Sinclair, who was an expert with historical rifles.

Caleb Giddings 2nd TC

Caleb during the second Team Challenge.

At the second Team Challenge, there were a total of seven tubes to shoot at, each decreasing in diameter. The Blue Team had heard prior to the challenge that a member of Blue Team would have to sit out during the challenge, but were disappointed to hear that the Red Team made the decision, of whom Blake was chosen rather than Jim, who Blue Team would have preferred to sit out. Caleb was assigned the second largest tube, and hit it with his first shot after Jim had missed his target. After the remaining Blue Team had shot all their targets, Jim was up to shoot again, taking a rather long time, but managed to hit the target, beating the Red Team by mere seconds in shooting the seven tubes.

Both teams returned to the house and the Red Team held a meeting to determine who to send to the second Elimination Challenge. The Red Team then went to the Nomination Range, and when they returned back to the house, the Blue Team knew that Frank Campana and Brad Engmann had been sent to elimination. After the Elimination Challenge a day later, when Brad walked through the door, Blue Team knew that Frank had been eliminated. His shirt was then hung next to Mike's by Kelly Bachand.

Week ThreeEdit

After the Blue Team's second victory, both the teams were given another time of rest until heading to the third Practice Session using the longbow under archer Chris Palmer. During this Practice Session, Caleb shot a few arrows down to the large target set out, one of which was known to barely miss it.

Caleb Giddings 3rd TC

Caleb during the third Team Challenge.

Later, both teams went to the Shooting Range to participate in the third Team Challenge. Whichever team was able to shoot an arrow closer to the bullseye would be victorious. Iain Harrison was the first to step up, shooting four arrows, with only one shooting the target in the yellow. Then Kelly was up to shoot, hitting the yellow closer to the red than Iain had done. After that, nobody including Caleb was able to compete with Kelly's accurate shot until J.J. was up to shoot, who was able to shoot in the yellow closer to the red than Kelly. It was up to Bill Carns to win for Red Team, but in the end was unable to shoot any closer to the red than J.J., making the Blue Team win their third consecutive challenge.

The contestants returned to the house and before the Red Team went into another meeting, Caleb told Brad that Red Team went through a tough loss. After the Red Team returned from shooting at the Nomination Range, both teams had known that Brad Engmann had once again been sent to elimination, along with Bill Carns. The night the day after, Caleb and the rest of the Blue Team had known that Brad had won another Elimination Challenge after he stepped through the door. Caleb then witnessed the third shirt hanging for Bill Carns, being hung next to Mike and Frank's shirts.

Week FourEdit

After yet another win by Blue Team, both teams were rested until the next Practice Session with the AR-15 under the returning expert, Craig Sawyer. Caleb is not seen shooting at his friend and foe targets, but evidently did well, as the Blue Team's only concern, yet again, was for Jim Sinclair.

Caleb Giddings 4th TC

Caleb during the fourth Team Challenge.

Later, both teams went to participate at the Team Challenge, shooting at a 6×6 grid covered so it could not be seen, only being uncovered for a short while, with seven foe and friend targets able to be shot. Caleb was the first to shoot for the Blue Team after Denny Chapman had hit six points for the Red Team. He shot all his seven rounds, hitting five foe targets, bringing the Blue Team to a total of five points. After Andre Robinson shot, however, Red Team had 20 points and Blue Team had 13 points. It was up to Jim to shoot all seven foe targets to tie with the Red Team. In the end, however, Jim only made 3 points, causing the Blue Team to lose their first challenge.

For the first time, the Blue Team walked home not being victorious, and they held a meeting on who to send to the Elimination Challenge. Instantly, Jim Sinclair and Tara Poremba nominated themselves, as well as Iain, who stated he didn't do good during practice and that he thought he owed the Blue Team for the first challenge. Caleb didn't feel comfortable voting for Iain, so at the Nomination Range, voted for Jim based on performance during that week's challenge. In the end though, it was Iain and Jim who would be sent to elimination.

Caleb witnessed the next day the Elimination Challenge between Jim and Iain, which was very close. Both men were to shoot moving pendulum targets with the TZ-99, and both men had shot three out of three foe targets, and Caleb and the rest of Blue Team were wondering what they would do for the tiebraker, but it was then revealed that Jim had also hit a friend target while taking out a foe target, causing him to be the first Blue Team member to be eliminated.

Caleb and the rest of the Blue Team arrived back at the house, hanging up Jim's shirt and prepared for the next challenge, hoping they would not lose another.

Week FiveEdit

"There's never anything lower than a rat!"
―Adam Benson regarding Caleb.[src]

After the first Blue loss, both teams were given rest before heading down to the fifth Practice Session, using the Kentucky long rifle under guidance by Garry James, a historical rifle expert. It was decided by Blue Team that Caleb would shoot first because he used the rifle as a child, doing rather well, due to his past experiences. Overall though, the Blue Team was not satisfactory with their total results. Later that day, at the house, Adam Benson tried to convince Caleb to weaken Blake and J.J., but Caleb walked off, not wanting to deal with "politics". Later that night, he told Blake and J.J. about the plot between the team members. The next morning, Adam figured out that Caleb had told Blake and J.J. about his plans, and instantly began despising him and refused to trust him.

Caleb Giddings 5th TC

Caleb during the fifth Team Challenge.

Before the Team Challenge, Colby asked how the teams were doing, and Adam told about how Caleb had told J.J. and Blake one of his eight plans. During the Team Challenge, there were targets at 25, 50, 75, 100, and 125 yards. Each person would be assigned a target. Whichever team shot closer to the bullseye on either target would get a point. Caleb was assigned to shoot at the four-point 125-yard target. After the Red Team led by four points, Caleb had the chance to tie the challenge, but ended up hitting the target in the brown, missing the target.

After both teams returned home, the seven members of Blue Team held a meeting on who to send to the Elimination Challenge, and the entire thing became very heated between Blake and Adam. The debate between the two eventually ended, but in the end, it was more a matter of getting the Blue Team back together than deciding who to nominate. At the Nomination Range, Tara was the first to vote, shooting at Caleb's target. Then Caleb was up, shooting Adam's target because his relationship with him had deteriorated. Iain was then up, shooting Caleb's target because he missed the 125-yard target. J.J. was then up, shooting at Adam's target based on personal differences. Then Chris voted for Caleb, officially making him enter the Elimination Challenge. Then Blake was up to cast the last vote, shooting at Adam's target. Blue Team returned back to the house knowing that the following day they would lose either Caleb or Adam.

Caleb Giddings EC

Caleb during the Elimination Challenge.

Both men got up the next day to attend a Practice Session using the Winchester Model 1873 under guidance by Garry James. Despite having used a similar firearm before, Caleb was having a little difficulty with his aim and loading. In the end though, Caleb had improved with both aspects, but his aim was still not as accurate as Adam's. Caleb and Adam returned to the house, and after Caleb had left Adam's presence, he spelled out "RAT FINK" in cards on the pool table. This was then changed to "ACT UR AGE" by Kelly Bachand, but then changed to "ACT YOUR SIZE" by Adam again. The Blue Team then headed to the Elimination Challenge, where both competitors were to shoot a rope holding a guillotine. Whoever would snap the rope first would win the challenge. Adam was the first to shoot his rope, but this was followed by a shot to Caleb on his rope. Adam then shot his rope a few more times before severing it, only moments before Caleb was able to let his last shot off. At the end, Caleb congratulated Adam on his victory and departed.


Caleb Giddings shirt

Caleb's shirt being hung next to Jim's.

"The next to the wall of fallen heroes."
―Adam Benson[src]

After the Blue Team returned to the house, it seemed to the Red Team that they considered elimination as some sort of joke. Despite their quarrels, Adam hung Caleb's shirt on the balcony next to Jim's, considering him a "fallen hero". It is unknown though if this were a jest or if he was serious.[4] In the Season Finale's epilogue, it states that Caleb is now working for the National Rifle Association.[5]

Personality and traitsEdit

Rat Fink

Caleb discovers Adam's message.

Caleb was often described as being a helpful, honest, and friendly person. He often incorporated personal help to people after Practice Sessions on how they could possibly improve, and was also known to have supported his members of Blue Team during Team Challenges.[6][7] During Week Five when he began being personally attacked by Adam Benson, he normally just ignored the remarks and considered them childish, never deciding on fighting back. At one point, he tried apologizing to Adam for tell Blake and J.J. his ideas, but these went to deaf ears. After being at the Nomination Range, when Caleb noticed the "RAT FINK" message Adam had put on the pool table, he just simply chuckled and walked away. At the Practice Session prior to his elimination, he was very friendly towards the expert. Even after his fighting with Adam, he still congratulated him for defeating him, showing that Caleb also had very good sportsmanship.[8]


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