Chee Kwan

Chee Kwan
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San Gabriel, CA


Range Master

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Season Four
Season Five


Red Team
Green Team


6th (Season Four)
14th (Sesaon Five)

Episode eliminated

SWAT Throwdown (Season Four)
Pick Your Poison (Season Five)


Chee Kwan was a contestant of Top Shot that participated in Season Four and Season Five.

During Season Four, Chee was originally a member of the Red Team, but became part of the Green Team during the last half of the competition. Chee was eliminated during Week Ten, after losing an Elimination Challenge against Gary Shank.

Chee was brought back for Season Five, but he lost during Week Three after losing an Elimination Challenge against Gabby Franco.

Personal life

"I'm here so that I can win this competition for my mother and show her that she's raised a good son."
―Chee Kwan[src]

Chee, originally from Malaysia, moved to the United States with his mother with only a small amount of money and the clothes on their backs. He eventually became interested in shooting and joined the United States Marine Corps, becoming one of the best infantrymen in his battalion. Currently, he's a three-time rifle and pistol expert, and range master for the Los Angeles Gun Club.

Top Shot: Season 4

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According to Behind the Bullet, Chee applied to become a U.S. Marshal.

Top Shot: Season 5

In 2013, it was announced that Chee would be a contestant in Season Five, Top Shot All-Stars.

Week One

Week Two

Week Three

Chee was sent to the elimination competition against Gabby Franco. They had to use the Schofield Revolver to shoot down four rows of metal plates. To add to the challenge, contestants needed a perfect run for each row of plates. If they missed, the plates would pop back again.

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