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[[File:Chris Collins 1st TC.jpg|220px|right|thumb|Chris reloading the Larue.]]
[[File:Chris Collins 1st TC.jpg|220px|right|thumb|Chris reloading the Larue.]]
The following day, the contestants arrived at the [[Shooting Range]] to participate in the first [[Team Challenge]]. Here, they noticed a number of platforms with targets in the distance. After the contestants got situated, Colby explained that for the challenge, two contestants at a time would climb up onto the four platforms for their team and each would shoot at the targets using the [[Larue Tactical OBR]]. He then stated that they would not be climbing the ladders built onto the platforms, but sixteen foot poles which would have to be carried to each of the platforms. Before participating in the challenge, the Red Team had to decide their shooting order, choosing Chris and [[Amanda Hardin]] for the last station. At the third platform, the Red Team managed to gain a slight lead over the Blue Team. Chris was the first to climb up the pole of the fourth station, followed by Amanda. When both had gotten up, Amanda began firing the weapon. She had many missed shots, which allowed [[Mike Hughes]] and [[Alex Charvat]] of Blue Team to get up onto their platform and shoot at their targets. On her tenth shot, Amanda was able to hit her target, passing the weapon to Chris. However, due to the amount of rounds Amanda had fired, Chris had to reload the weapon. This gave Alex enough time to make the final shot for Blue Team, resulting in the Red Team's loss.
When the contestants headed to the house, the Red Team held a team meeting to decide who to send to the upcoming [[Elimination Challenge]]. Here, Amanda stated that she would go because of her poor performance. The meeting concluded, and a few hours later, the Red Team arrived at the [[Nomination Range]] to vote two people into the Elimination Challenge. By the time Chris would have gone up, there were four votes to Amanda and three to [[Mark Schneider]], and therefore, he wasn't given an opportunity to vote, as his vote would be redundant. When the Red Team returned to the house, they announced the results to the Blue Team.
The following day, the Red Team arrived at the Shooting Range to witness the first Elimination Challenge. To the surprise of the Red Team, a [[stagecoach]] pulled by four horses appeared. Colby stated that for the challenge, the contestants would ride in the stagecoach while shooting the [[Winchester Model 1873]], loaded with ten rounds, at ten exploding targets. Whoever ended victorious would be safe and receive a [[Bass Pro Shops gift card|$1000 gift card]]. In the end, Mark was victorious, managing to hit three targets in comparison to Amanda's one.
[[File:Chris Collins green.jpg|thumb|150px|Chris with the Green Team uniform]]
[[File:Chris Collins green.jpg|thumb|150px|Chris with the Green Team uniform]]
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