Chris Collins
Chris Collins
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Collinsville, OK

  • Firearms Instructor[1]
  • Former Marine
  • Student[1]
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Season Three

"True marksmanship is a hundred percent skill. The more pressure I'm under, the better I shoot."
―Chris Collins[src]

Chris Collins is a contestant of Top Shot Season Three.

Personal life

"I can deploy any projectile you can think of."
―Chris Collins[src]

Chris is a firearms instructor and college student of criminal justice from Collinsville, Oklahoma. He served with the United States Marines for five years, being introduced to pistols, rifles, and rockets. In addition to using firearms, Chris also has experience with bows, blowguns, throwing knives, and slingshots.[1]

Top Shot

Chris was briefly introduced in "Behind the Bullet", but his official status in the Top Shot competition remains unknown to the public.


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