Chris Tilley
 Personal information

August 14, 1987


Raleigh, NC


Professional Shooting Competitor

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Season Two



Episode eliminated

"Bury the Hatchet"


Chris Tilley (born August 14, 1987; age 33) was a contestant of Top Shot Season Two and a member of the Blue Team.

Chris was eliminated during Week Six, after losing an Elimination Challenge against Daryl Parker.

Personal life[edit | edit source]

Chris is a professional shooter from North Carolina. When he was 11 years old, Chris began showing talent in shooting and his dad built him an indoor shooting range. A year later, Chris started shooting IPSC and IDPA also influenced by an employee of his father. He became a USPSA Grand Master before he was 16. In 2002 and 2005, Tilley won the World Junior Champion title. In 2003, he won the Point Series Champion, among other titles. He has won over 50 major matches and two National Championships (2006 and 2008). Tilley currently works at his family shooting range as a retailer and instructor.

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Post-competition[edit | edit source]

According to Behind the Bullet, Chris is still competing at world championships. In April 2011, he won the USPSA Area 6 Open Division Handgun Championship. In October of the same year, he competed at the IPSC World Shoot XVI in Greece, finishing #6 overall.

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