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"Ramp it Up"

"In the revolver division, I've beaten everybody in the world. I mean, I'm a pretty good shooter."
―Cliff Walsh[src]

Cliff Walsh is a contestant of Top Shot Season Three and member of the Red Team.

Cliff was eliminated during Week Eight, after losing an Elimination Challenge against Chris Collins.

Personal life[edit | edit source]

Cliff is an airport driver and revolver champion residing in St. Petersburg, Florida. He is a Grand Master in the United States Practical Shooting Association revolver division, having won gold in 2009, beating revolver record holder, Jerry Miculek. His skills have caused him to compete in Brazil, the Czech Republic, Ecuador, Norway, and Serbia. He was selected for the 2011 USPSA World Shoot Team, which will be competing in Greece this year.[1]

Top Shot[edit | edit source]

Week One[edit | edit source]

Cliff shooting against Mike Hughes.

Cliff arrived for Season Three of Top Shot along with the other fifteen contestants. Here, Colby Donaldson, the host of the competition, stated that a Preliminary Challenge would determine the teams. In pairs, the contestants would shoot head-to-head using the Smith & Wesson 500 Magnum at three targets. Whichever of the pair could hit the targets in the quickest amount of time would be victorious and become a member of the Blue Team. The loser contestants would be added to the Red Team.

Cliff with the Red Team uniform

Cliff and fellow competitive shooter, Mike Hughes were the first pair to compete. Due to being a revolver champion, Cliff felt very confident that he would be victorious. Mike was the first to destroy the first target, but was quickly followed by Cliff. Then, Mike quickly took out the second target, while Cliff missed it. On his third shot, Mike was able to hit the final target before Cliff could pass his second target, finishing in only seconds. This resulted in Cliff's elimination and ensured his spot on the Red Team. After the remaining seven pairs had finished, Colby allowed both the teams to go to the house they would be staying in during the competition. The Red Team arrived first, and to their satisfaction, claimed all of the bottom bunks of the beds.

Cliff participating in the Team Challenge.

Later that day, both teams headed to the Shooting Range to participate in the first Team Challenge. Here, platforms were set up with targets located in the distance. After all of the contestants reached the designated spot for their team, Colby announced that two contestants would get onto a platform and shoot the two corresponding targets with the Larue Tactical OBR. He then stated that, rather than using the ladders built onto the platforms, the contestants would be getting on from sixteen foot poles which had to be moved from platform to platform. Before participating in the challenge, both teams decided on the shooting order, choosing Cliff and Drew Shprintz to shoot at the second platform. After Michael Marelli and Phil Morden finished on the first platform, just slightly after the Blue Team did, the Red Team carried the pole to the second platform. Drew made it up the pole quickly, but Cliff had struggles, falling off the pole twice. On his third attempt of going up the pole, Cliff received help from his team to get up onto the platform. After Drew hit his target, Cliff was given the weapon and managed to hit his target on the first shot. Cliff and Drew then got down from the platform and helped the Red Team carry the pole to the third and fourth stations. At the final station, it was all tied up between the Red and Blue Teams. However, the Blue Team managed to hit their final target just moments before Chris Collins, the last shooter for the Red Team, had time to hit his target.

When the Red Team returned to the house, they held a short meeting. Here, Amanda Hardin stated that she thought she should go to the Elimination Challenge because of her poor performance. A few hours later, the Red Team arrived at the Nomination Range to vote two people into the Elimination Challenge. When Cliff was up to shoot the target of who he wanted to nominate, Amanda and Mark Schneider already had a vote towards them. Cliff shot one-handed at Amanda's target. In the end, Amanda had four votes and Mark had three, resulting in both being sent to the Elimination Challenge.

The following day, Red Team left the house to witness the first Elimination Challenge. To the surprise of Cliff and other Red Team members, Colby stated that Amanda and Mark would ride in a stagecoach while shooting ten rounds from a Winchester Model 1873 at ten targets. Whoever ended up with the most points would be safe and receive a $1000 gift card. Mark ended up being victorious, after shooting three targets in comparison to Amanda's one.

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