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"Slug it Out"

"If I didn't plan on winning I wouldn't be here. There is no question of losing in my head."
―Drew Shprintz[src]

Drew Shprintz was a contestant of Top Shot Season Three and member of the Red Team.

Drew was eliminated during Week Three, after losing an Elimination Challenge against Cliff Walsh.

Personal lifeEdit

Drew is a firearms instructor and bartender from Boca Raton, Florida. He has never competed in a shooting sport, but practices daily at the shooting range with a United States Army Special Forces friend and hunts with a compound bow and rifle. Drew works with Florida Firearms Training as a close quarter defensive pistol instructor. [1]

Top ShotEdit

Week OneEdit

Billy vs Drew

Drew shooting against Billy Rogers

Drew arrived for Top Shot along with the other fifteen contestants. Here, Colby Donaldson, the host of competition, stated that each individual's placement would be determined by a Preliminary Challenge. In pairs, the contestants would shoot head-to-head using the Smith & Wesson 500 Magnum at three targets. Whichever of the two could hit all of their targets would be victorious, and become a member of the Blue Team, while the loser joined the Red Team.

Drew Shprintz

Drew with the Red Team uniform

After six pairs had competed, Colby called Billy Rogers and Drew to shoot. The latter destroyed the first target before his opponent. However, while he was working on destroying his second target, Billy was given enough time to hit his final targets, resulting in Drew's defeat and spot on the Red Team. After the final pair had competed, Colby allowed the contestants to head to the house they would be staying in during the competition. The Red Team arrived here first, claiming all of the bottom bunks of the bed, giving the Blue Team a limited choice on where to sleep, to Red's satisfaction.

Drew Shprintz 1st TC

Drew using the Larue Tactical OBR.

The following day, the contestants arrived at the Shooting Range to participate in the first Team Challenge. Here, they noticed a number of platforms set up with targets in the distance. After the contestants had gotten situated, Colby announced that for the challenge, two contestants would be assigned to one of the four platforms for their team. Once on these, each would have to destroy a target using the Larue Tactical OBR before proceeding to the next station. He then stated that to get onto the platforms, the contestants would not be climbing the ladders built on, but sixteen foot poles which had to be carried to each station. Whichever team finished first would be victorious. Before participating in the challenge, the teams decided on their shooting order, with the Red Team choosing Cliff Walsh and Drew for the second station. Once they arrived at the platform, Red Team was already slightly behind Blue. After Drew managed to climb onto the platform, Cliff followed, but kept falling off of the pole, which delayed the Red Team. After receiving assistance from his team, Cliff made it onto the platform, and Drew began shooting at his target. On his third shot, he was able to destroy his target, passing the Larue to Cliff, who was able to hit his on the first shot. The Red Team remained behind Blue Team, until after the third station, where they had managed to gain a slight lead. At the final platform, Red Team's last shooters, Chris Collins and Amanda Hardin, made it up onto their platform, with the last shooters for the Blue Team not far behind. Amanda had fired a number of rounds at her target before hitting it. As a result of her multitude of shots, the Larue had to be reloaded. While doing this, the last shooter for Blue Team, Alex Charvat, managed to hit his target, resulting in Red Team's defeat.

When the Red Team returned to the house, they held a team meeting to decide which two people to send to the Elimination Challenge. Here, Amanda volunteered herself, due to her poor performance in the Team Challenge. Afterward, the Red Team arrived at the Nomination Range to vote two people into the Elimination Challenge by shooting the target bearing the name of the person each individual wanted to nominate. When Drew was called to vote, there were already two votes to Amanda and one to Mark Schneider, and ultimately voted for Mark. After everyone, with an exception of Chris, had voted, it was declared that Amanda and Mark would have to compete for their spot in the competition.

The following day, the Red Team returned to the Shooting Range to witness the first Elimination Challenge. Here, Colby stated that while riding in a stagecoach, Amanda and Mark would shoot the Winchester Model 1873 at ten targets with a limit of ten rounds. Whichever of the two could hit more targets would be victorious and receive a $2000 gift card. In the end, Mark came out victorious, having shot three targets in comparison to Amanda's one. Afterward, the Red Team returned to the house, where Mark nailed a red target bearing Amanda's name to the wall, in tribute to her.

Week TwoEdit

"I've literally shot my AK and made sand fly out of it, so they're just unbelievable."
―Drew Shprintz on the AK-47[src]

The morning after Amanda's elimination, the teams arrived at the Shooting Range to attend a Practice Session. Here, Colby stated that the contestants would need to get comfortable with using and handling the AK-47 under guidance by expert, Craig Sawyer. Drew was excited to hear this, due to having experience with the weapon prior to the competition. After the seven Red Team members had finished getting accustomed to the AK-47, they began running head-to-head to the stations in a race to get two shots off.

Drew and Mark 2nd TC

Drew (right) shooting at his target.

The following day, the contestants returned to the Shooting Range for the Team Challenge. Here, four stations were set up with obstacles in the way. The first of the obstacles was a narrow pipe that would have to be crawled through. Next was a large pit of waist-deep water, which was followed by a crawl through mud and then sand. Two contestants would be assigned to each station, with an exception of the final one, and would have to overcome the obstacles standing in their way. Once at these stations, both people would destroy one target, with an exception of the last station, where one individual had the task of destroying two targets. Whichever team finished the course first would become victorious. Before participating in the challenge and deciding the shooting order, the Red Team had to decide who to sit out on the Blue Team, due to having one less member after Amanda's elimination. Gary Quesenberry, who took the role of Red Team's leader, decided to bench Jarrett Grimes. Afterward, the teams broke off to decide their shooting order. The Red Team ultimately decided to assign Drew and Mark to the second station. As soon as Michael Marelli and Cliff Walsh finished the first station, Drew and Mark went through the first obstacle, took the weapons from their teammates, and rushed towards the second station. Once here, Drew commenced firing at his target, hitting it on the second shot. After Mark had hit his target, Phil Morden and Gary eventually made it to the second station, where Drew and Mark handed their weapons to their fellow teammates. After the third station, the Red Team had gained a sizable lead over the Blue Team, which helped them with winning the challenge.

After returning to the house, the Blue Team held a team meeting before heading to the Nomination Range. When they returned, it was revealed that Sara Ahrens and Dustin Ellermann had been sent to the Elimination Challenge. News of Dustin being sent to the challenge surprised the members of the Red Team, due to him having made no mistakes thus far in the competition. The following day, the Blue Team left the house once again to witness the second Elimination Challenge. They returned later with Dustin, who nailed a blue target bearing Sara's name to the wall.

Week ThreeEdit

"There's nothing really challenging about shooting this shotgun. I'm just not the biggest fan of it."
―Drew on the Benelli M4 Super 90.[src]

After a night of rest, the contestants returned to the Shooting Range to attend their second team Practice Session. Here, Colby announced that under guidance by Taran Butler, the contestants would shoot slugs at targets using the Benelli M4 Super 90 shotgun. At practice, Drew struggled with accurately firing the Benelli, shooting high on some instances.

Drew Shprintz 3rd TC

Drew firing the Benelli.

When the contestants arrived at the Shooting Range the next day, they noticed a number of mason jars filled with colored liquid. Using the Benelli M4 Super 90, the contestants would have to destroy the targets with their team color. Whichever of the teams could destroy all fifty of their targets first would become victorious. Before participating in the challenge, the teams decided on their shooting order, with the Red Team choosing Drew to shoot fifth. When Drew was up for the first time, his team had already hit nine targets, and only managed to hit three targets. After every Red Team member had shot, the rotation repeated, and when Drew was up for the second time, he hit only two targets with five shots. The Blue Team was victorious, having shot all of their targets while Red Team still had 19 targets left.

As soon as the Red Team arrived at the house, they held another team meeting. Here, some team members stated that they would vote for Cliff, while others stated they would vote for Drew, based on performance. Afterwards, the Red Team arrived at the Nomination Range for the second time. Here, Drew was second to vote, shooting Cliff's target, due to his performance in all of the challenges. After everybody, with an exception of Michael, had voted, it was declared that Cliff and Drew would have to compete in the third Elimination Challenge.

Drew Shprintz EC

Drew shooting with the Glock 34 at his targets.

The morning after being nominated, Cliff and Drew arrived at the Shooting Range to attend another Practice Session. Under guidance by Taran Butler, the two had to get accustomed to shooting and handling the Glock 34. During practice, Drew learned that to make accurate shots, he would have to aim left due to being left-handed and right-eye dominant. Later that day, the Red Team arrived at the Shooting Range once again for the third Elimination Challenge. Here, four metal tracks were set up with cannonballs at the top and gaps in the middle of the tracks. Cliff and Drew were to shoot the five targets near the five gaps to make the cannonballs reach the end. However, as soon as the cannonballs passed over the gap, the corresponding target would need to be hit once again. Whichever of the two allowed more cannonballs to reach the end of the tracks would be safe and receive a $2000 gift card. On Drew's run, he managed to get 8 points, but this did not compare to Cliff's 18. Drew said goodbye to members of his team before he departed.


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