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Zavalla, TX[1][2]


Christian Camp Director

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Season Three



"I'm from Zavalla, Texas, a small town of 647 people."
―Dustin Ellermann[src]

Dustin Ellermann was a contestant of Top Shot Season Three. He was originally a member of the Blue Team, but after making the final seven, Dustin became a part of the merged Green Team. He placed first place out of sixteen competitors, becoming the third Top Shot.

Personal life

"I'm a nice guy, but I can be too outspoken and honest—if I don't like you, I won't hide it."
―Dustin Ellermann[src]
Dustin and Brittany Ellermann

Dustin and Brittany on Top Shot.

Dustin is a Christian Kids Camp Director residing near Zavalla, Texas, where he operates his camp: Camp His Way. Dustin's favorite hobby is shooting, with hunting as a close second. He and his wife, Brittany, live at the camp with their two young boys (2 and 5-year-olds) and are also foster parents to kids needing a loving home year round. Dustin is mainly a self taught shooter, growing up with a small BB range in his attic and extending to firearms as a teenager. He had only had one pistol-shooting class, where his instructor was astonished at his abilities. In addition to shooting, Dustin enjoys reading about guns and using them to make himself a better marksman. Other than firearms, Dustin has experience with the compound bow, tomahawk, and throwing knives.[1][4]

Top Shot

Week One

Dustin vs Phil

Dustin shooting against Phil Morden.

Dustin arrived for Season Three of Top Shot along with the other fifteen contestants. Here, Colby Donaldson, the host of the competition, stated that a Preliminary Challenge would determine the placement of each individual. In pairs, they would shoot head-to-head with the Smith & Wesson 500 Magnum at three targets. Whichever of the two was able to hit all of their targets before their opponent would be victorious and join the Blue Team, while the unvictorious became members of the Red Team. Dustin, as one of the youngest competitors, was called to shoot against another youthful competitor, Phil Morden, forming the last pair. Both men hit the first target simultaneously, but Phil was able to connect with his targets moments before Dustin. After missing on the final target, both contestants were forced to reload; however, Dustin managed to reload his weapon faster than Phil and was able to hit the final target, resulting in his victory and spot on the Blue Team. Colby then allowed the contestants to head to the house they would be living in during their stay in the competition. The members of Red Team arrived here first, claiming all the bottom bunks of the bed, giving members of the opposing team a limited choice on where to sleep. After this, the Blue Team met outside, where they jeered some members of the Red Team for their performances in the first challenge.

Dustin Ellermann 1st TC

Dustin with the Larue Tactical OBR.

The following day, the contestants arrived at the Shooting Range to participate in the first Team Challenge. Here, they noticed that there were a number of platforms set up with targets in the distance. After all of the contestants had gotten situated, Colby explained that for the challenge, two contestants would be assigned to one of the four shooting platforms for their team. Once on these, each would destroy a target using the Larue Tactical OBR before their team could advance to the next station. Whichever team finished the course first became victorious. Afterwards, Colby stated that to get onto the platforms, the contestants would not be climbing the ladders built on, but a sixteen-foot pole which would have to be carried to each station. Before participating in the challenge, both teams decided their shooting order, with the Blue Team choosing Dustin and Billy Rogers for the first station. Once here, Dustin got the pole before Billy, and once his teammate had climbed onto the platform, Dustin took his time, aiming at his target, and managed to hit it in one shot. Soon after, Billy also hit his target on the first shot, giving the Blue Team a lead. This lead lasted until the third station, where Jarrett Grimes and Sara Ahrens were having a difficult time hitting their targets. At the final station, the Blue Team was only slightly behind the Red Team, but managed to win, just as the last shooter for Red Team was about to fire at his target.

Dustin Ellermann bible

Dustin reading from the Bible.

After the teams returned to the house, the Red Team held a team meeting while the Blue Team met in the kitchen. Here, Dustin read aloud some verses[5] from the Bible that he had found that morning, and concluded by saying that when he read those verses, he thought, "sucks to be Red", which was found humorous by some members of his team. Soon after, the Red Team left the house to nominate two people to send to the Elimination Challenge. When they returned shortly after, it was revealed that Amanda Hardin and Mark Schneider were to compete to remain in the competition. The following day, after Mark and Amanda had attended a Practice Session for the challenge, the Red Team departed once again to witness the first Elimination. They returned a while later with Mark, who nailed a target bearing Amanda's name to the wall, in tribute to her.

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