Craig Sawyer is the expert with most appearances in Top Shot

In Top Shot, an expert is a trained marksman that is proficient with a certain weapon, skill, and/or technique. In most episodes, one or more experts are brought to lead a Practice Session where they train and coach the contestants in the use of a certain weapon, preparing them for a challenge. Experts usually wear black shirts, as opposed to the colored shirts worn by the contestants.

Several past contestants have been brought back to the show to serve as experts. Top Shot winners Iain Harrison and Chris Reed have been brought several times, as well as finalist George Reinas. Kelly Bachand was also teamed up with Reinas as an expert during one episode.

List of expertsEdit

Expert Expertise Appearances Episodes
Craig Sawyer
Former United States Navy SEAL
M1903 Springfield
M14 rifle
Scoped Remington 700
M1A rifle
Glock 17
Smith & Wesson M&P .45
Browning Automatic Rifle
Milkor USA M32A1 grenade launcher
M1919 Browning machine gun
11 Season One: "The Long Shot", "Friend or Foe?", "The Shortest Fuse"

Season Two: "Uphill Battle"
Season Three: "Down and Dirty", "Stacked"
Season Four: "In the Trenches", "Have Machine Gun Will Travel"
Season Five: "Best of the Best", "The Mile Shot", "A Game of Horse"

Taran Butler
National/world shooting champion
Ruger Security Six .357 Magnum
Benelli M4
Glock 34
Infinity Sight Tracker .40 pistol
Benelli Nova
6 Season Two: "Trick Shot Showdown II"

Season Three: "Slug It Out", "Odd Man Out"
Season Four: "Shotgun Showdown"
Season Five: "Tricks of the Trade", "Familiar Foes"

Jack Dagger
Primitive weapons expert
Throwing knife
5 Season One: "The Razor's Edge"

Season Two: "Bury the Hatchet"
Season Three: "Throwdown Showdown"
Season Four: "Blast from the Past"
Season Five: "The Mile Shot"

Garry James
Historical weapons expert
Kentucky rifle
Winchester Model 1873
1877 Bulldog Gatling gun
M1 carbine
4 Season One: "The Good, the Rat and the Ugly"

Season Three: "The Bulldog Gatling"
Season Four: "Sweating Bullets"
Season Five: "Crank Trigger"

Matt Burkett
Practical shooting expert
Beretta 92F
Glock 17
Steyr SPP
3 Season One: "Zipline of Fire"

Season Two: "Down to the Wire"
Season Three: "Wheel of Fire"

Spencer Hoglund
Historical weapons expert
Colt Peacemaker
Ruger 10/22
Smith & Wesson .22 Model 317
Remington 1875
3 Season One: "Wild, Wild West"

Season Two: "Catch .22"
Season Three: "The Bulldog Gatling"

Chris Palmer
Traditional archery expert
English longbow
Scoped crossbow
Recurve bow
3 Season One: "Archer Enemies"

Season Three: "Ramp It Up"
Season Five: "Crank Trigger"

Chris Brackett
Archery and crossbow expert
Compound bow
3 Season Two: "Compound Fracture"

Season Four: "Crossbow Crossfire"
Season Five: "Big Boom"

Rick Pohlers
Cannon expert
Hotchkiss mountain gun
3.5" bag gun
3 Season Three: "Throwdown Showdown"

Season Four: "Blast from the Past"
Season Five: "Familiar Foes"

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