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"Competition and winning is what fuels me. I will not stop until I have achieved my goal."
―Forrest McCord[src]

Forrest McCord was a contestant of Season Four. He was eliminated during a Preliminary Challenge on Week One, before the teams were formed.

Personal lifeEdit

Forrest is currently a kinesiology student from Houston, Texas. He first shot when he was 13-years old. Since, he represented the United States in Bali during the International Practical Shooting Confederation World Shoot in 2008, and has joined the United States Practical Shooting Association (USPSA). He's had numerous instructors, including Season Two contestant, Athena Lee.

Top ShotEdit

During the first episode of the show, Forrest McCord arrived at the Shooting Range, along with the other seventeen contestants. Host Colby Donaldson announced a Preliminary Challenge to narrow the contestants to sixteen, where each contestant would have to fire an M14 rifle at a target 200 yards downrange. The two contestants with the shots farthest from the bullseye would be eliminated.


Forrest aims at the target

Forrest was the third contestant to shoot the M14. His shot landed at 6.3" from the bullseye, which put him in the "hot seat", along with Frank Melloni. As the challenge progressed, Forrest was joined by Eric "Iggy" Keyes, as the two with the worse shots. Finally, he was joined by Craig Buckland, whose shot landed at 9.6" from the bullseye.

After Craig was eliminated, the only shooter left was William Bethards. William hit the target at 6.2" from the bullseye, eliminating Forrest from the competition. Colby then asked him and Craig to say goodbye to the others. Craig and Forrest then walked away from the Shooting Range.


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