Frank Campana
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Yonkers, NY[1]

  • Retired police officer
  • Sniper instructor
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Red Team



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"Zipline of Fire"

"I was a cop for 24 years. I've been around guns and I've dealt with stressful situations for a long time. Let's see how the other guys can work under pressure."
―Frank Campana[src]

Frank Campana was a Top Shot contestant of Season One and a member of the Red Team.

Personal lifeEdit

The first gun that Frank had shot was a BB gun when he was young, and since that moment, Frank had enjoyed the act of shooting. As Frank began working for the Yonkers Police Department, he began using firearms more extensively, and as he began working for SWAT, he experienced different weapons. He is an FBI-certified sniper instructor and has been involved with several branches of military, including the British SAS and Israeli Special Forces. He is also proficient with the act of archery and spear throwing, as he was living with a tribe in Zimbabwe.[1][2] He is featured with a spear in the promotional pictures of Season One.

Top ShotEdit

Week OneEdit

Frank's arrival

Frank arrives in Season One.

Frank arrived to compete in Top Shot on Week One. Frank arrived at the Top Shot house after Bill Carns, and was immediately assigned to the Red Team. After all of the contestants entered and found their teams, Colby Donaldson, the host, introduced the rules of Top Shot and allowed them to get used to where they would live for the next several weeks.

Frank Campana

After being given time to get used to the house, Frank and his fellow competitors went down to the shooting range to engage in practice under Craig Sawyer using the M1903 Springfield, SVT-40, Mosin-Nagant, and M14 rifles. There, he alternated between spotting with Kelly Bachand and shooting. During the practice, Frank evidently must have done well, though him shooting is never seen.

Frank was originally going to participate in the first Team Challenge, but at the first shooting platform, Mike Seeklander and Andre Robinson delayed the entire Red Team until the extent that the Blue Team had won. After the Red Team lost, Frank attended a meeting in which the members of Red Team would decide to vote out. It was difficult for Frank to make a decision, but voted for Mike because he was the person behind the rifle during the Team Challenge that inevitably caused the loss of the Red Team. Frank later witnessed the Elimination Challenge and had seen as the person he voted for had lost the challenge. Him and the Red Team then returned to the house and took part in hanging a shirt left behind by Mike.

Week TwoEdit

After being given time to rest after watching the first elimination challenge between Mike Seeklander and Kelly Bachand, the Red Team returned to the house and rested until the next Practice Session. At this session, the contestants were allowed to get comfortable with using the Beretta 92F given help by Ben Stoeger, a USPSA grand master. After the Blue Team was given time for practice, the Red Team rearrived at the Shooting Range to fire the weapon. Frank evidently did well at the Practice Session, as his only major concern was Brad Engmann and how he used the weapon.

Frank Campana TC

Frank during the Team Challenge.

During the Team Challenge, there were a total of seven tubes each getting harder to shoot as the contestants proceeded. Frank was originally assigned the fourth largest of the seven tubes. After Denny Chapman shot the third largest tube, Frank was up to shoot his assigned tube, and caused the first miss of the challenge. Then, Peter Palma had to shoot the tube that Frank had failed to shoot. After misses by Brad Engmann and Bill Carns, Frank was up to shoot at his tube, but missed again. Then, after Bill had missed at shooting his tube again and Brad managed to hit his, Frank was up again and managed to shoot his tube. Red Team finished the course in a total of 2 minutes and 34 seconds, but it was not enough to beat Blue Team's 2 minutes and 7 seconds.

After the Red Team's loss, both teams headed back towards the house, where the Red Team planned on who to send to the Elimination Challenge. Frank felt like he had done bad during the challenge, and openly admitted that if he could, he would vote for himself. He then stated that he would vote for Bill because he missed two of his shots in comparison to Brad's one. Then after Frank stated he would vote for Bill, Bill had said he would vote for Frank because he missed the same number of shots as he did. At the Nomination Range, Bill stuck to his promise of shooting Frank's target, which was followed by a shot to Bill's target by Andre Robinson, and then a shot to Brad's target by Peter Palma. Denny Chapman then voted for Frank followed by another vote towards Bill by Kelly Bachand and then a shot to Frank's target by Brad, but then Frank decided to vote for Brad because he could not put up with his excuses for missing his targets, which caused a tie between the three individuals. The tiebraker was Peter, who again shot for Brad's target. At that point, the Red Team knew it was going to be Frank against Brad during the Elimination Challenge.

Frank Campana EC

Frank during the Elimination Challenge.

After being nominated, Frank and the Red Team returned to the house. The next day, however, Frank and Brad went to a Practice Session with practical shooting expert, Matt Burkett with the Beretta 92F, the weapon used in the Team Challenge. Frank stated the problems he had with the pistol and had to adjust to using the weapon right. After some shots, Frank went back to the house and ready for the Elimination Challenge coming during the afternoon. For the Elimination Challenge, both contestants had to use the Beretta 92F and ride down a zipline while shooting as many of the targets as possible with only fifteen rounds. After Brad's run, Frank went down on the zipline, shooting a total of five targets, equal to Brad's five targets. Both men then had to participate in a tiebraker. Brad went before Frank again, shooting a total of five targets. When Frank went again, he devised a game plan to alternate from shooting on his left to shooting on his right. This plan, however, failed, as Frank only managed to hit one target. He was then, at that point, eliminated from Top Shot.


Frank Campana shirt hanging

Kelly Bachand hangs Frank's shirt.

After Frank's elimination, the Red Team returned to the house to introduce Brad as the winner of the Elimination Challenge. One of the shirts that Frank had intentionally left behind was hung up next to Mike Seeklander's and later Bill Carn's shirt by Kelly.[3] It is later revealed in the epilogue of the Season One Finale that since his elimination from the challenge, he began working part-time as a bodyguard.[4]


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