Green Team

S1 Green Team

Number of contestants


Lowest Ranked Member

Blake Miguez (7th)

Highest Ranked Member

Iain Harrison (1st)


Season One


Week Nine

The Green Team was the name of the team formed by the seven contestants of Season One who were capable of making it to the individual part of the challenge.


Original team
Blake Miguez new Blake Miguez 7th Blue Team
Adam Benson new Adam Benson 6th Blue Team
Kelly Bachand new Kelly Bachand 5th Red Team
Peter Palma new Peter Palma 4th Red Team
J.J. Racaza new Simon "J.J." Racaza 3rd Blue Team
Chris Cerino new Chris Cerino 2nd Blue Team
Iain Harrison Iain Harrison 1st Blue Team

Top Shot historyEdit

Green shirts

The final seven obtaining green jerseys.

During Week Nine, prior to the first Individual Challenge, Colby Donaldson announced that the remaining seven competitors had made it to the individual portion of the challenge and handed out the green Top Shot jerseys, merging both the Blue and Red Teams into the Green Team. The seven contestants then participated in the first Individual Challenge, where Colby stated that the loser of the challenge was instantly going home. He then explained the challenge, in which a fuse connected to an explosion would be lit. Using the Beretta 92F, each contestant would try to sever the fuse. Whoever ended up with the shortest fuse would be going home. In the end, it was Blake Miguez that ended up being the first Green Team member eliminated. After the remaining six contestants returned to the house, they had to decide whether to hang on of Blake's blue or green shirts in tribute to him. They unanimously decided on hanging a blue shirt.

The following day, the remaining members of the Green Team went to the last Practice Session of the competition, using four firearms: the HK93, Mosin-Nagant, SVT-40, and TZ99 under guidance by Craig Sawyer. Also as an option in the practice was the addition of a physical element, which would be added in the following Individual Challenge. Later in the day, the team headed back to the Shooting Range, where four platforms were set up on a hill. Using each of the four weapons, the contestants were to run up the hill and shoot all their targets at each station. Whichever two of the remaining six contestants that had the slowest times up the hill would be eliminated. After everybody's run, Adam Benson and Kelly Bachand were eliminated for having the two slowest times. When the final four arrived back at the house, they noticed a feast that was set up for them. After this, they eventually got to hanging Adam's and Kelly's shirts.

The next day, the final four contestants arrived at the Shooting Range. Here, Colby stated that from that point forward, there would be no more Practice Sessions, and that the remaining contestants would be eliminated in back-to-back challenges until one contestant remained. He then introduced the challenge, where twelve metal plates were set up with a red and blue side. Shooting head-to-head, two contestants would go up at a time, and using the Beretta 92F, would try flipping as many disks to their assigned color as possible. Here, the last remaining member of the Red Team, Peter Palma was eliminated after two rounds of shooting. When the now final three returned to the house, they hung their last red shirt in tribute.

After a night of rest, the remaining contestants got up to attend another Individual Challenge. Here, Colby announced that they had the option to choose from six firearms to use and to choose their target. Whichever two contestants could end up with the most points would be guaranteed a spot in the final challenge. In the end, Simon "J.J." Racaza was unable to hit any targets, resulting in his elimination. When Chris Cerino and Iain Harrison, the two finalists, returned to the house, they hung J.J.'s shirt before getting rest.

Finale Audience S1

The eliminated members of Green Team witnessing the final challenge.

The following, and final, day, Chris and Iain headed to the Shooting Range, surprised to see the five members of the Green Team that had previously been eliminated. Colby then introduced the final challenge, where seven stations were set up with seven different weapons from throughout the competition. Whichever of the two contestants could finish the course before the other would be victorious. Iain Harrison won the challenge, being neck and neck with Chris at the final station, being declared the first Top Shot.


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