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[[Category:Members of the United States Navy]]
[[Category:Members of the United States Navy]]
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[[Category:Season Five contestants]]
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Jamie Franks
 Personal information

San Diego, CA


US Navy rescue swimmer

 Competition information

Season Two
Season Five



Episode eliminated

"Down to the Wire"
Thread the Needle


Jamie Franks was a contestant of Top Shot that participated in Season Two and Season Five.

During Season Two, Jamie was originally a member of the Red Team, but became part of the Green Team during the last half of the competition. He was eliminated during Week Eleven, after losing an Elimination Challenge against Chris Reed.

Jamie was brought back for Season Five, but was eliminated during Week Seven after losing an Elimination Challenge against Gary Quesenberry.

Personal life

Jamie Franks has been a member of the U.S. Navy and has worked as a Navy rescue swimmer for 13 years. He is graduated from the Navy Expeditionary Combat Skills and Practical Weapons courses and Anti-Terrorism Force Protection/Deadly Force Training. During his service, he has received several achievement and commendation medals.

Top Shot: Season 2

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According to Behind the Bullet, Jamie was deployed in Afghanistan after filming the show, returning in early 2011.

Top Shot: Season 5

In 2013, it was announced that Jamie would be a contestant in Season Five, Top Shot All-Stars.

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