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Kelly Bachand
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August 14, 1987[1]


Kent, WA



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Season One



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"The Shortest Fuse"

"I'd consider myself a rising star. I'm still young, I still need to prove myself, but I'm definitely a rising talent in long-range game."
―Kelly Bachand[src]

Kelly Bachand was a contestant of Top Shot Season One and an original member of the Red Team. After making it to the final seven, he became a member of the Green Team. At 22-years-old during filming, Kelly is so far the youngest contestant to have been in the competition.

Personal life

Kelly is a student at Seattle working on engineering. He started shooting during 2006. During this year, he became a member of the Under 21 United States National Rifle Team. In 2009, he had won gold in this, made the United States National Rifle Team, and became the youngest individual to win the Canadian Target Rifle Championship. [2][3]

Top Shot

Week One

Kelly Bachand arrival

Kelly arriving for Season One.

"I'm twenty-two years old. As the youngest competitor here, I think other shooters will try to take advantage of my age, and I hope that they do, because I imagine that it will come back to bite them when I do much better than they expect."
―Kelly Bachand[src]

Kelly arrived for Season One and was instantly assigned to the Red Team, after five of the contestants had already arrived. After the last individual arrived, Colby Donaldson, the host of the competition, came out and explained the rules of Top Shot. After this, he let the contestants go in the house they would be living in during their stay in the competition before having them go to a Practice Session using four weapons: the M1903 Springfield, SVT-40, Mosin-Nagant, and M14 under guidance by expert, Craig Sawyer. Here, while Kelly fired, fellow Red Team member, Frank Campana spotted for him, and Kelly did the same for him. Here, Kelly did well with the weapons, due to having experience of shooting rifles in the past. Later, at the house, the Red Team assigned two individuals to each weapon, as it would be in the challenge, making Kelly one of the shooters of the Mosin-Nagant.

At noon the following day, the teams headed to the Shooting Range to participate in the first Team Challenge. Here, four stations were set up with each of the weapons, with an obstacle standing in the way of each. Whichever team could finish the course in the fastest time would be victorious. As a shooter of the Mosin-Nagant, Kelly would have had to climb a rope to get to his station along with Bill Carns. However, Kelly was never given an opportunity to shoot during the Team Challenge. At the first station, Mike Seeklander and Andre Robinson of Red Team were shooting against Iain Harrison and Tara Poremba of the Blue Team. Andre was able to hit his target and passed the weapon to Mike while he spotted for him. Mike was unable to hit his target, giving the Blue Team time to finish the course without worry.

Both teams returned to the house where the Red Team held their first team meeting. Here, Mike said that he took responsibility for the loss of the Red Team and that if they voted for him, he couldn't blame them. After this, Brad stated that it would not be fair to Mike's reputation and volunteered himself for the Elimination Challenge. After the conclusion of the meeting, Mike met with Kelly and stated that if he wanted to shoot against the best in the Elimination Challenge, he wanted to shoot against him. Kelly was alright with this, but stated that he would not vote for Mike. At the Nomination Range, when it was Kelly's turn to nominate somebody, there was already one shot each in the targets of Brad, Mike, and himself. He voted for Brad, stating that if someone nominated themself, they should be sent to Elimination. In the end, it was Mike and Kelly who would be sent to the Elimination Challenge, with three votes each.

Kelly Bachand 1st EC

Kelly firing the Remington 700 in the first Elimination Challenge.

The following morning, both Mike and Kelly got up to attend a Practice Session using the Remington 700, the weapon of the upcoming Elimination Challenge, under guidance once again by Craig Sawyer. At the practice, Kelly was confident with the weapon, shooting a smily face in his target. The next day, the Red Team went to the Shooting Range to witness the first Elimination Challenge, where three sets of targets were set up. Whichever contestant could hit all three of their targets first would be victorious. Before starting the challenge, both the contestants were given an option to choose one of the safe contestants to spot for them. Mike, choosing first, decided on Bill Carns. Kelly then decided for Peter Palma to spot for him. In the challenge, Mike hit his first target shortly before Kelly. Kelly then hit his second target quickly and moved on to the third. He missed once on the third target due to wind, but on his second shot was able to hit it, resulting in Kelly's victory. After Mike's departure, the Red Team arrived back at the house. Here, the contestants discovered one of Mike's red shirts which he left behind, and they decided that when a contestant would be eliminated, they would hang their shirt in tribute to them.

Week Two

"The Red Team seemed to suspect that Kelly was going to be a big disadvantage in this challenge, but Kelly listened and he shot really well."
―Ben Stoeger[src]

After the elimination of the Red Team's chosen leader, both teams were given a night of rest before going to the second Practice Session. Here, the contestants were given time to get used to the Beretta 92F under guidance by USPSA Grand Master, Ben Stoeger. Only 100 rounds were given to each team. Kelly, who was not as experienced with shooting pistols than other Red Team members, was given the most rounds to shoot. However, Kelly did really well with the pistol, and did not need the extra rounds. Brad, who stated he was not fond of the pistol, asked if he could use up the remaining rounds which would have originally gone to Kelly. Red Team went back to the house, only concerned that Brad, the pistol champion on the team, was not very accustomed to the weapon.

Kelly Bachand 2nd TC

Kelly aiming at his target with the Beretta 92F.

The following day, both teams headed to the Elimination Challenge, where two sets of seven tubes were set up with decreasing diameters. Colby then announced that the team that could finish the course in the quickest time would be victorious. Prior to the challenge, both the teams had heard that Blue Team would have to sit a member out, due to the Red Team being down one contestant. Members of the Red Team were glad to hear that they would choose who would sit out on the Blue Team, rather than the Blue Team deciding, knowing its weakest shooters. After this, both teams decided on the shooting order, assigning Kelly to the second-largest tube. After Andre had shot the largest tube for Red Team, Kelly was up, quickly hitting his target. In the end, the Red Team finished with a time of 2 minutes and 34 seconds, but the Blue Team finished in 2 minutes and 7 seconds, resulting in Red Team's second defeat.

After returning to the house, the Red Team held another team meeting, where Frank instantly stated that he would vote for Bill Carns because he missed twice on his tube. Then Bill stated he would vote for Frank for the same reason. At the Nomination Range, when it was time for Kelly to vote, there was already one vote towards Brad and Bill, and two votes towards Frank. Kelly decided to shoot Bill's target. Nearing the end, there was a tie between Bill and Brad, though Frank was already in the challenge. To break this tie, Peter was randomly selected to vote again, shooting at Brad's target, just like he had done with his first shot, which ensured Brad's spot in the Elimination Challenge.

The following day, the members of Red Team headed to the Shooting Range to witness another Elimination Challenge, where a zipline was set up. Using the Beretta 92F from earlier, whichever contestant could hit the most targets while travelling down the zipline would be victorious. After the first round and a tie-breaker round, Brad had won the challenge, sending Frank home. Red Team returned back to the house later where they hung Frank's shirt.

Week Three

Bill and Kelly AE

Kelly confronting Bill.

"I think Bill hates me. Bill never made eye contact with me, nor even pointed his face in my direction at all."
―Kelly Bachand[src]

Before getting rest for the next day, Red Team member, Bill Carns mentioned his ex-wife. Kelly then made a comment which upset Bill. He apologized for the rude comment, but Bill had not accepted it. The following day, both teams got up in the morning to attend their third Practice Session. Unlike the first two challenges, it was announced that the weapon that would be used would not be a firearm, but a longbow. Both teams were given time to practice under guidance of bowman, Chris Palmer. Here, Kelly did very well with the weapon, as noted by Denny Chapman, who stated that his stance and technique probably came from his rifle shooting. When the Red Team returned to the house, Bill, who still wasn't over what Kelly had said the night before, refused to speak to Kelly. Later, Kelly confronted Bill about not talking to him, asking if there was a problem between them. Bill then stated that he was not enjoying the man Kelly was on his way to be, and that it was all he had to say to him. Kelly walked away, stating that he could not mend his relationship with Bill using nice words and apologies.

Kelly Bachand 3rd TC

Kelly with the longbow in the Team Challenge.

"So Kelly fires his last arrow, closest to the bullseye, and I'm thinking, you little shit."
―Blake Miguez[src]

The following day, the teams headed to the Shooting Range, where a large hay target was set up. Colby stated that, using the longbow, whichever team could hit closer to the bullseye would be victorious. Before participating in the challenge, Red Team had to choose two members of Blue Team to sit out, deciding on Chris Cerino and Adam Benson. After Iain Harrison of Blue Team had gone up, Kelly was the first to shoot for Red Team. His first two shots went over the target, his third hit the green, which didn't compare to Iain's hit in the yellow, then his fourth shot was short, but his final shot hit in the yellow closer to the bullseye than Iain's shot, giving Red Team a lead. This lead was maintained for a while until J.J. Racaza, the last shooter for the Blue Team was up, managing to beat Kelly's shot by inches. Bill, the last shooter for Red Team, had to hit closer to the bullseye than J.J.'s shot. However, this did not happen, resulting in Red Team's third consecutive loss.

"I can hardly stand to see Kelly or hear his voice. Therefore, I want to see that kid gone, and I'd like to see him gone sooner rather than later."
―Bill Carns[src]

When the Red Team returned back at the house, they held their third team meeting with an exception of Brad Engmann. After this, Kelly tried convincing Denny to vote for Bill at the Nomination Range. However, Denny stated that had already made his mind up. At the Nomination Range, Bill voted first, and to no surprise, voted for Kelly. Kelly was then up, voting for Bill. After Denny had made the last vote, he ensured Bill's spot in the Elimination Challenge along with Brad.

The following day, Red Team headed to the Shooting Range to witness the third Elimination Challenge. Here, four apples were set up on targets, and whichever of the two contestants could hit all of the apples in the quickest amount of time would be victorious. Brad had won the challenge. Red Team then returned to the house where they hung Bill's shirt.

Week Four

After another night of rest, the contestants got up the following morning to attend a fourth Practice Session. This time, Colby announced that the AR-15 would be used to shoot at foe targets and avoid friend targets. To guide the contestants, expert Craig Sawyer returned. Here, Kelly was assigned to shoot at black foe targets. To the surprise of his fellow teammates, he was only able to hit five of his ten foe targets. Peter spoke to Kelly after this and helped him correct his stance. Red Team left confident, and knowing that they really had to win the challenge.

Kelly Bachand 4th TC

Kelly using the AR-15.

The following day, the contestants arrived at the Shooting Range for the Team Challenge, where a 6×6 grid was set up. On this grid, seven friend and foe targets would be set up. Each contestant would be given an opportunity to look at the grid before it was concealed. If they were able to hit a foe target, their team would gain a point, but if they hit a friend target, their team would lose a point. Before engaging in the challenge, the Red Team had to decide to sit out three members of Blue Team, deciding on Blake Miguez, Simon "J.J." Racaza, and Iain Harrison. When Kelly was up, Red Team already had 13 points compared to Blue Team's 10. To remember the placement of the targets, Kelly broke the grid down into four quadrants. He managed to hit six of the seven foe targets, bringing the point total of the Red Team up to 19. Nearing the end, Red Team had 20 points while Blue Team had 13. If James "Jim" Sinclair of Blue Team was able to get a perfect run, he could tie with the Red Team. However, this did not happen. Peter was the last shooter for Red Team, and only had to hit four targets to win the challenge. Peter was able to do this, confident with shooting only five of his seven rounds, resulting in Red Team's first victory.

Both the teams returned to the house where Blue Team held their first team meeting. Before heading to the Nomination Range, the Blue Team was laughing and joking about the Nomination, making Kelly believe that they didn't take it seriously. Later, Blue Team departed to head to the Nomination Range, and when they returned announced that Jim and Iain would be sent to the Elimination Challenge. The following day, the Blue Team left the house to witness the fourth Elimination Challenge. They returned later that day without Jim, hanging his shirt on the railing.

Week Five

Both teams got some rest before heading to their fifth Practice Session. Here, Colby announced that for the upcoming challenge, the contestants would have to use the Kentucky long rifle. To get prepared for this, expert Garry James guided the contestants as they shot one round at each of the three targets set up. After all of the Red Team members had handled and fired the weapon, they approached their targets and took note of how high or low they would have to shoot to get the most accurate shot possible, due to the large amount of bullet drop from the rifle.

Kelly Bachand 5th TC

Kelly, moments before letting his shot off.

The following day, the teams headed to the fifth Team Challenge. Before Colby explained the challenge, he asked Denny if a new leader had emerged on the Red Team. After Denny replied, Colby turned to the Blue Team, asking Tara Poremba about the team's cohesion. She stated that she thought the team was doing fine and that the members were still getting along. However, Colby then asked Adam Benson, who stated that he was angered that Caleb Giddings had told Blake and J.J. the night prior to the challenge one his and Chris' plans to eliminate one of the two professional shooters. Hearing this inspired the Red Team to choose Adam and Chris to sit out in the challenge. Colby then explained the challenge. Five targets were set up at 25, 50, 75, 100, and 125 yards. Whichever team could hit closer to the bullseye on each individual target would gain a point, with an exception of the 125-yard target, which was valued at four points. The team in the end with the most points would be victorious. Before engaging in the challenge, both teams decided on the shooting order, assigning Kelly to the 100-yard target. When it was his turn to go up, Red Team already had a total of three points. Kelly managed to hit in the black ring of the target, only inches away from being off target. Iain Harrison was to try to better Kelly's shot, but was not able to hit the target at all, resulting in another gained point for the Red Team. Caleb was the last up for Blue Team, while Peter was the last for Red Team. If Caleb was able to hit the target, he had a chance of tying the Blue Team with the Red Team. However, Caleb's shot did not come in contact with the target, which resulted in Red Team's second consecutive victory.

Act Ur Age

Kelly rearranging the cards.

When the teams arrived home, the Blue Team held a meeting before going to the Nomination Range. Later, they returned to the house and announced that Adam and Caleb were going to the Elimination Challenge. The following day, after Adam and Caleb went to their Practice Sessions, Adam used playing cards to spell out the words, "RAT FINK" on the pool table to try taunting Caleb. When Kelly saw this, he rearranged the cards to spell "ACT UR AGE" because he thought it was immature. However, this was in turn changed to "ACT UR SIZE" by Adam. Later that day, the Blue Team headed to the Shooting Range to witness the fifth Elimination Challenge. They returned to the house later without Caleb, whose shirt was hung by Adam.

Week Six

"Even people like Kelly who don't have a lot of experience with pistols were shooting really really close tight groups."
―Brad Engmann[src]

After Red Team had won their second Team Challenge, they only needed one more win to catch up with the Blue Team. The morning after Caleb's elimination, the contestants went to the Shooting Range to get prepared for the upcoming Team Challenge. Here, Colby announced that the next weapon used in the competition would be the Colt Peacemaker. Historical weapons expert, Spencer Hoglund was to guide the contestants with handling and firing the weapon. Despite being a predominant rifle shooter, Kelly did well with shooting the weapon by creating tight groups.

Kelly Bachand 6th TC

Kelly with the Colt Peacemaker.

"Kelly's performance was pretty atrocious. I think he shot maybe three or four at most."
―Peter Palma[src]

The following day, the teams arrived back at the Shooting Range to participate in the sixth Team Challenge. Here, a saloon was set up with fifty targets on it. Whichever team would be able to finish the course in the quickest amount of time would be victorious. Before engaging in the challenge, Red Team had to decide who to sit out on the Blue Team, choosing Blake Miguez, and to determine the shooting order, deciding on Kelly to shoot last. After the Blue Team finished the course, Red Team was up. When it was Kelly's turn to start shooting, Red Team had 26 targets left to hit, but was unable to hit very many targets during his run. Just when Brad was starting his second run, Colby stopped the challenge because Red Team was unable to beat the time limit set by the Blue Team, resulting in another loss.

When the Red Team returned to the house, they held a short meeting. Here, Denny stated that if they nominated him for Elimination, he wouldn't take it personally and that he deserved it due to his performance in the Team Challenge. A short time later, Red Team arrived at the Nomination Range for the fourth time. When Kelly went up to nominate someone, there was already a vote towards him by Brad. He voted for Denny based on team strength. Then Denny and Andre voted for Kelly, ensuring his spot in the Elimination Challenge. Peter was up next to vote, shooting Andre's target. This resulted in a tie between Andre and Denny. This tie was broken by Brad, voting for Andre to go to the Elimination Challenge.

Kelly Bachand 6th EC

Kelly during the sixth Elimination Challenge.

The following morning, both Andre and Kelly got up to attend a Practice Session for the upcoming Elimination Challenge. Here, Colby announced that once again they would be shooting the Colt Peacemaker, and they would once again be given guidance by Spencer Hoglund. Here, Kelly did well again, managing to shoot tight groups with the weapon. Later that day, the members of Red Team headed to the Shooting Range, where a wheel was set up with playing cards on it. If a card was hit, it would be added to the contestant's hand. Whichever contestant would be able to end up with the better hand would be victorious. Kelly was first to shoot, instantly going for a royal flush, shooting the ace of hearts. After Andre hit the ace of spades, Kelly was up, shooting the king of hearts. This was followed by a shot to the king of spades by Andre. Both contestants then shot the queens and jacks they needed, but when Kelly attempted to hit the ten of spades, he missed it. After Andre hit the card Kelly went for, Kelly had to hit the ten of hearts to tie with his opponent. Kelly was able to hit the card he needed, resulting in a second round. Andre was up first this time, shooting the two of spades with the goal of getting a straight flush. Kelly then attempted to hit the ace of clubs but missed it. Then Andre hit the six of spades, which left Kelly in a vulnerable position. In order to win, he knew he had to get a four-of-a-kind and hope Andre missed one of his shots. Kelly decided on shooting the five of spades to try to confuse Andre. Kelly's opponent then shot the four of spades, which was followed to a shot by the five of hearts by Kelly. Next, Andre shot the four of hearts, not knowing what color or suit to shoot at. After Andre's shot, Kelly hit the five of clubs. This resulted in Kelly's victory due to having a better hand, and Andre's elimination. When Red Team returned to the house, Kelly hung Andre's shirt, but remained unsatisfied with his results at the Elimination Challenge, having missed a few times.

Week Seven

"This is really disorienting."
―Kelly using the Winchester Model 1873.[src]

After the elimination of Andre, the contestants were given a night of rest before attending the seventh Practice Session. Here, Colby announced that they would have to learn how to perform three different trick shots under guidance by Jon Wilson. First, the contestants would have their backs faced to a target and try hitting it with the Winchester Model 1873, which was positioned on their shoulder, only being guided by a mirror. Kelly did well with this shot, hitting the center of the target. For the next shot, the contestants would shoot one-handed with the Smith & Wesson M&P at small black dots. Here, Kelly struggled, being unable to hit any of the dots. For the final shot, the contestants, using the Smith & Wesson Schofield, would throw a cabbage under a rope and try to hit it before it reached the ground. Kelly also struggled with this shot, but was able to nearly hit one of his cabbages. When Red Team returned home, Kelly practiced by throwing Boccia balls and "shoot" at them before they hit the ground.

Kelly Bachand 7th TC

Kelly after throwing the half-can.

The following day, both the teams headed to the Shooting Range to attend their seventh Team Challenge. Here, a total of four stations were set up. The only differences between the Practice Session and the challenge were the transitions from shooting a target with the Winchester Model 1873 to shooting at three bottles, attempting to drive three nails into a board rather than shooting dots with the M&P, throwing cans under a rope with the Schofield rather than cabbages and trying to hit them, and the addition of shooting a half-can thrown under a rope. For each station, there were three attempts and three targets. Each hit target would gain the individual's team a point, with an exception of a hit half-can, which would raise the point total by two. Before participating in the challenge, the Blue Team was given the opportunity to decide on who to sit out, choosing on Adam and J.J. After this, the Red Team assigned a person to each station, choosing Kelly for the half-cans. When he was up to shoot, Red Team had only 3 points in comparison to Blue Team's 6 points. Kelly had to hit with at least two out of his three shots to bring the Red Team to a position where they could win. On his first attempt, Kelly managed to hit a half-can. However, on Kelly's final two attempts he was unable to hit the cans, which resulted in another Red loss.

When the Red Team arrived back at the house, they held a short team meeting before going to the Nomination Range. By the time Kelly was up to vote, he already had a vote towards him. He decided to vote for Brad because of his performance at the Team Challenge and because of his risky plan, which ultimately led to Red Team's defeat. In the end, there were two votes to both Kelly and Brad, ensuring one of the two Elimination Challenge survivors was to be eliminated. When Kelly returned home, he was in a very sour mood because he was voted into the Elimination Challenge by two people who did not hit anything in the Team Challenge. He spoke to his friends on the Blue Team about this, who were also outraged and didn't think Kelly should be going to the Elimination Challenge.

Kelly Bachand 7th EC

Kelly about to throw his clay pigeons in the Elimination Challenge.

The following morning, Brad and Kelly got up to attend a Practice Session to get prepared for the upcoming Elimination Challenge. Here, Colby announced that for the challenge, Brad and Kelly would be throwing clay pigeons in the air and shooting them down with the Beretta Xtrema2 before they hit the ground. To help them with using the weapon and throwing the pigeons was sporting clay champion, Scott Robertson. Scott allowed both of the contestants to throw the pigeons and shoot them, but not to do both at the same time. In the session, Kelly was very well with throwing the pigeons, but according to Scott, not as good at shooting them than Brad. Later that day, the remnants of the Red Team went to the Shooting Range to witness their fifth Elimination Challenge. Unlike in Practice, for the challenge, the contestants would be throwing the pigeons in the air by themselves and then try to shoot them down, starting with one pigeon and ending at five. Whoever could hit more of their pigeons would be victorious. Kelly was first to shoot, managing to throw his first pigeon and hit it before it reached the ground. Brad was successful with this as well. Next, the contestants were to throw two clay pigeons in the air. Scott expected both Brad and Kelly would hit both of the targets, but Kelly was only able to hit one while Brad hit both. After this, the contestants would throw three pigeons in the air. Kelly only hit one of the three pigeons, as did Brad. Next, they were to throw up four pigeons. Kelly was able to hit three out of the four targets while Brad only hit two. After four rounds, Kelly had finally managed to gain a lead, only having one point more than Brad. Finally, the contestants went to shooting at five thrown targets. Both Kelly and Brad were able to hit two of the five targets, but Kelly ended up with the most points, resulting in Brad's elimination. When Red Team returned back to the house, Kelly hung Brad's shirt in tribute.

Week Eight

After Brad's elimination, the contestants were given a night of rest before waking to a rainy morning. Some wondered what weapon would be used for the Practice Session, or if there would be a Practice Session at all. Eventually, the teams were called to the Shooting Range to attend a Practice Session, despite the beliefs of some contestants, but instead of using a firearm, they would be get accustomed to throwing knives under guidance by expert, Todd Abrams. Kelly did well at the practice, managing to stick many knives in the target by using a consistent motion.

Kelly Bachand 8th TC

Kelly about to throw a knife.

The following day, the contestants returned to the Shooting Range to participate in the eighth Team Challenge. Here, six targets were set up above a mud pit. In the center of the pit was a narrow beam, which would be used by the contestants to commence throwing knives at the targets. On each run, the contestants would be given two chances to stick a knife in their targets. Whichever team finished the course in the quickest amount of time would be victorious. Before the challenge, the Blue Team needed to decide who would be competing alongside Adam and J.J., and they chose Iain, based on his performance at practice. After the Blue Team had finished their run, the Red Team was up to compete, with Kelly being the second to throw in a rotation. On his first time up, Kelly managed to stick a knife in the target on the first throw. At the second target, Denny and Peter attempted sticking a knife, but failed, and Kelly was up again, but ended with the same results. After a full rotation, the target still hadn't been hit, and Kelly was up for the target his second time, and managed to hit it. After Peter stuck a knife in the third target, and Denny was unable to stick a knife in the correct location on the fourth target, Kelly was up once again, and also managed to hit that target. Afterwards, Denny and Peter finished the last two targets. However, in the end, Red Team was only defeated by five seconds.

When the Red Team returned to the house, Denny managed to convince Kelly and Peter to vote for him, but had a hard time deciding who he would vote for. He asked Kelly if he would like to compete in the Elimination Challenge against him, and Kelly instantly stated he would probably be angry if he was sent to another challenge. Later, the Red Team arrived at the Nomination Range. Here, Kelly voted for Denny, who in turn voted for Peter, ensuring both men's spots in the Elimination Challenge. Later, at the house, Tara Poremba stated she would be leaving the competition due to family issues. Kelly helped with her baggage before she left.

The following day, Kelly, Denny, and Peter arrived at the Shooting Range for the Elimination Challenge. Here, a number of orange and yellow targets were set up. Using the slingshot, whichever contestant could break more of the targets would be victorious. In the end, Peter won, having hit seven targets to Denny's five. Kelly and Peter returned to the house later, where the latter hung Denny's shirt.

Week Nine

Kelly Bachand 1st IC p1

Kelly attempting to sever his fuse.

After the departure of both Denny and Tara, the final seven contestants got a night of sleep before heading back to the Shooting Range. Here, Colby announced that they would no longer be competing in teams, but be competing individually in a merged team. After handing out the Green Team jerseys, the contestants arrived at a different part of the range for the Individual Challenge. Here, a fuse was set up connected to an explosive. Using the Beretta 92F, they would attempt to sever the fuse before it reached the explosive. When Kelly was called to shoot, Iain Harrison and Blake Miguez were unable to accomplish the objective of the challenge. A number of his shots hit low of the fuse, and Kelly ultimately failed to sever it. After J.J., Peter, Chris, and Adam had gone up to shoot, and only Peter and Adam were successful, a second round of the challenge was underwent for those who did not manage to sever their fuses. Kelly was called after Chris was successful, but was once again, unable to sever his fuse. Afterwards, Blake, Iain, and J.J. attempted the challenge for the second time, and Blake was the only one besides Kelly who was unsuccessful on the second round.

Kelly Bachand 1st IC p2

Kelly aiming at the target.

"I skim by yet again, just barely making it through that last challenge."
―Kelly Bachand[src]

Because of this, both had to participate in a third round, but instead of another trial to sever the fuse, a target was set up. Whichever of the contestants could hit closest to the bullseye would remain in the competition. Kelly was up to shoot first, and managed to hit the target extremely close to the bullseye. Then Blake was up, but let off an extremely low shot by jerking the trigger. When the contestants returned to the house, there was a slight confusion of whether to hang a blue or green shirt in tribute for Blake, which was broken by Chris, who stated that using blue would stick to the pattern. Having beat Blake, Kelly hung his shirt, remarking that he would be missed.

Kelly Bachand 2nd IC

Kelly's last shot in the competition.

Later, the contestants arrived at the Shooting Range once again for their final Practice Session. Here, they commenced firing at targets using the Mosin-Nagant, SVT-40, HK93, and TZ99 under guidance by Craig Sawyer. As well as shooting, they would be running to the stations, adding a physical aspect. The contestants underwent the practice in pairs, with one person shooting while the other spotted, and vice versa. For this, Kelly and Peter were partnered, and followed the instructions of the practice. Afterward, the contestants returned to the house for a brief moment before going to the Shooting Range once again, to participate in the second Individual Challenge. Here, four platforms, each holding one of the weapons from the Practice Session, were set up on a hill with targets located on the ground. Whichever four contestants ended with the fastest time would proceed in the competition, while the slowest two would be eliminated. Kelly was called to shoot first, and managed to make it to the first platform quickly, which had the TZ99. He loaded a few rounds into the pistol and commenced firing at his target, and managed to hit it on his first shot. Kelly then rushed up the hill to the second station, with the HK93, and loaded a few rounds, only to once again hit his target on the first shot. At the third station, with the Mosin-Nagant, Kelly loaded one round, and was successful with hitting his target on the first shot. He then rushed up to the final station, which had the SVT-40, and once again loaded one round, and managed to hit his final target on the first shot, finishing the course in 1 minute and 30 seconds. Nearing the end, everybody but Adam had managed to perform better than Kelly, and J.J. was the last to shoot. If he was unable to beat 1 minute and 30 seconds, Kelly would continue in the competition and make it to the final four. However, J.J. managed to get the quickest time out of all six contestants, resulting in the elimination of Kelly and Adam. The two said goodbye to their fellow competitors before their departure.


Finale Audience S1

Kelly, about to witness the final challenge.

After the elimination of Kelly and Adam, their shirts were eventually hung in tribute. Both were then present at the final challenge, along with the other members of Green Team who hadn't made it to the final two, to witness Chris and Iain compete for the win. At the end, it was Iain who was victorious, and Kelly, along with the rest of Green Team, congratulated him on his victory. In the epilogue of the Season Finale, it is mentioned that Kelly has taken up pistol shooting and that he returned to college in the fall of 2010.[4]

Kelly was mentioned by Top Shot competitor, Jake Zweig, during Week Seven of Season Three, stating he didn't want to go to every Elimination Challenge in a similar manner as Kelly.[5]


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