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"It is known for its accuracy, so it is an ideal firearm to put your skills to the test."
Colby Donaldson[src]

The M14 is an American rifle introduced in 1959. It was used on both Season One and Season Four of Top Shot.

Season One Edit

The Long Shot Edit

The M14 was used during "The Long Shot", which was the first episode of Season One. The rifle was part of the first Team Challenge, along with three other weapons: the M1903 Springfield, the SVT-40, and the Mosin-Nagant. The weapons were introduced during the Practice Session, where expert Craig Sawyer trained them in the use of all four.

When the Team Challenge came, contestants were supposed to go through a series of stations and shoot targets at 50 and 100 yards. The M14 was to be used at the last station, after crossing a mud pit. Adam Benson and Chris Cerino, from the Blue Team, successfully hit their targets, while the Red Team never got out of the first station.

Season Finale Edit

The M14 was brought back for the Season Finale.

Season Four Edit

Sweating Bullets Edit

The M14 was used again during "Sweating Bullets", which was the first episode of Season Four. The rifle was part of the Preliminary Challenge to determine how the teams would be constituted. For the challenge, contestants had to fire a single shot with the M14 at a target 200 yards downrange. Contestants would be ranked from 1 to 16 according to their distance from the bullseye, with odd numbers forming the Blue Team, and even numbers forming the Red Team. The two contestants with the shots farthest from the bullseye, would be instantly eliminated.

All the contestants fired the rifle, as host Colby Donaldson called them up. In the end, contestants Craig Buckland and Forrest McCord were eliminated.

Season Finale Edit

The M14 was again used during the season finale episode called "The Ultimate Prize". In the Elimination Challenge #2, contestants had to choose a weapon, a target, and a distance to shoot. Then, all contestants had to try the same shot. On the first turn, Gregory Littlejohn chose the M14 to shoot a jar of peanuts at 200 yards. However, neither he, nor the other contestants hit the target.


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