Sara Ahrens
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Roscoe, IL[1]


Police Training Sergeant[1][3]

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Season Three


Blue Team

"I'm a police sergeant with the Rockford Police Department. When I shoot I get almost tingly inside."
―Sara Ahrens[src]

Sara Ahrens is a contestant of Top Shot Season Three.

Personal life

"I would be lying to you if I didn't say I want to be my kids' hero. Winning on Top Shot could get me there."
―Sara Ahrens[src]

Sara is a Police Training Sergeant from Roscoe, Illinois. She became the first woman in her police department to try for the SWAT team, and became supervisor. In addition to this, Sara has also shot with the United States Army and the police department in Rockford, Illinois. She has a husband, Mike Ahrens, and some kids.[1]

Top Shot

On Sara's video bio on, it shows her shooting wearing a blue Top Shot jersey, indicating that she is a member of Season Three's Blue Team. She is also seen loading aMauser C96.


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