Scott Robertson
Scott Robertson
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Beretta Xtrema2


"Trick Shot Showdown"


Scott Robertson is a sporting clay champion that appeared on Top Shot Season One as an expert for the Beretta Xtrema2 shotgun.

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Scott Robertson Kelly's PS

Scott helping Kelly Bachand get used to throwing clay pigeons.

Scott was the expert for the Practice Session occurring before the seventh Elimination Challenge. After the Red Team had nominated two players for this challenge, Brad Engmann and Kelly Bachand, they were sent to practice under Scott. He helped the contestants throw clay pigeons in the air, which would be a crucial part of the upcoming challenge, and to use the Beretta Xtrema2. One thing, however, that Scott did not do was let the contestants throw the pigeons in the air and afterwards shoot at them. After both men had shot, he stated that he thought that Brad was the better shooter, but Kelly was better at throwing the pigeons, saying that they were probably about equal for the challenge.

Scott witnessed the seventh Elimination Challenge, which had a favorable outcome to Kelly, who had won the challenge, hitting only one more pigeon than Brad had.


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