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February 14, 2012–May 1, 2012



Season Four of Top Shot premiered on February 14, 2012 and concluded on May 1, 2012. The season contained 12 episodes which aired on Tuesday nights. The winner of the season was Chris Cheng, who was originally from the Red Team.


History Channel requested auditions for Season Four during early 2011. The deadline for applicants was May 20, 2011. The official casting call asked for people with "unrivaled shooting skills and a big personality". After the audition process, a small group of contestants was selected and auditioned personally. Finally, eighteen contestants were selected.

The fourth season of Top Shot was filmed in Santa Clarita, California. The season premiered on February 14, and concluded on May 1, 2012.


The rules of Season Four were similar to those of the previous seasons, retaining the same rules for the Team Challenges, Practice Sessions, Individual Challenges, and Elimination Challenges. However, in the beginning, a Preliminary Challenge took place to determine the membership of each team. During the individual portion of the competition, instead of being given the chance to vote for anybody not immune, such as in Season Two, the three worst performers of each challenge were eligible to be nominated for elimination.


Unlike previous seasons, Season Four began with eighteen contestants, instead of the usual sixteen. They were briefly introduced at the end of the special episode "Behind the Bullet", which aired after Season Three Finale.

However, two of the eighteen contestants were eliminated in a Preliminary Challenge during the season's first episode. The remaining 16 were then separated into the usual Red and Blue Team.

Contestant Original Team Merged Team Eliminated
Craig Buckland Craig Buckland
47, Sandisfield, MA
None 18th Place
Forrest McCord HS Forrest McCord
21, Houston, TX
None 17th Place
Frank Melloni HS2 Frank Melloni
28, Middle Island, NY
Blue Team 16th Place
Keith Gibson HS Keith Gibson
28, Ghent, NY
Red Team 15th Place
Michelle Viscusi HS Michelle Viscusi
21, Gilbert, AZ
Blue Team 14th Place
Colin Gallagher HS Colin Gallagher
35, Wichita, KS
Blue Team 13th Place
Iggy Keyes HS Eric "Iggy" Keyes
39, Chicago, IL
Red Team 12th Place
Tim Trefren HS Tim Trefren
34, Thayne, WY
Red Team 11th Place
Dylan Fletcher HS2 Dylan Fletcher
30, Alpharetta, GA
Blue Team 10th Place
Terry Vaughan HS Terry Vaughan
40, London, UK
Blue Team 9th Place
Gabby Franco HS Gabby Franco
30, Doral, FL
Red Team Green Team 8th Place
William Bethards HS William Bethards
47, Fredericksburg, VA
Blue Team 7th Place
Chee Kwan HS Chee Kwan
23, San Gabriel, CA
Red Team 6th Place
Kyle Sumpter HS Kyle Sumpter
50, Kent, WA
Red Team 5th Place
Augie Malekovich HS Augie Malekovich
34, Belle Vernon, PA
Blue Team 4th Place
Gary Shank HS Gary Shank
28, Reno, NV
Red Team 3rd Place
Gregory Littlejohn HS Gregory Littlejohn
31, Waterloo, IL
Blue Team 2nd Place
Chris Cheng HS Chris Cheng
31, Mission Viejo, CA
Red Team Winner


The first episode of Season Four was viewed by 1.8 million total viewers, divided in 1 million adults from 18-49 age, and 1.1 million adults 25-54 age. This last category represented an increase of 19% from Season Three's premiere.

Throughout the season, the show maintained similar ratings, ranging from 1.4 to 1.7 million viewers.


Top-shot-s4-cast 1 Sweating Bullets M14 rifle
Ruger Vaquero
M1 carbine
Garry James Craig Buckland
Forrest McCord
Frank Melloni
In the Trenches 2 In the Trenches Browning Automatic Rifle
Milkor USA M32A1 MSGL
Craig Sawyer Keith Gibson
Shotgun Showdown 3 Shotgun Showdown Benelli M4
Benelli Vinci
Benelli Nova
Chris Reed
Taran Butler
Michelle Viscusi
Crossbow Crossfire 4 Crossbow Crossfire BowTech StrykeZone 350 crossbow
Smith & Wesson M&P 40
Chris Brackett
Julie Golob
Colin Gallagher
Swing Into Action 5 Swing Into Action Kentucky flintlock pistol
Heckler & Koch USP Tactical .45
Russ Combs
Steve Gilcreast
Eric "Iggy" Keyes
Blast from the Past 6 Blast from the Past 3.2" bag gun
Rick Pohlers
Jack Dagger
Tim Trefren
Trick Shot Shoot Off 7 Trick Shot Shoot Off Remington M1911 pistol
Volquartsen Ruger 10/22 rifle
SIG Sauer P229
Browning Buck Mark
Robert Vogel Dylan Fletcher
The Mad Minute 8 The Mad Minute Webley Mark VI
Lee-Enfield Mark III
Iain Harrison Terry Vaughan
The Longest Shot 9 The Longest Shot Accuracy International AX338
Henry rifle
Kelly Bachand
George Reinas
Gabby Franco
William Bethards
SWAT Throwdown 10 SWAT Throwdown FN Five-Seven
Mossberg 500 Chainsaw
FN FS 2000
Jeff Gonzales Chee Kwan
Have Machine Gun Will Travel 11 Have Machine Gun Will Travel Browning M1919
Craig Sawyer Kyle Sumpter
The Ultimate Prize 12 The Ultimate Prize Various none Augie Malekovich
Gary Shank
Gregory Littlejohn
Chris Cheng
Behind the Bullet (Season Four) 13 Behind the Bullet

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