William Bethards
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Fredericksburg, VA

  • FBI Law Enforcement Specialist
  • Firearms Instructor
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Season Four
Season Five


Blue Team
Green Team



Episode eliminated

The Longest Shot (Season 4)
A Game of Horse (Season 5)


William Bethards was a contestant of Top Shot that participated during Season Four and Season Five.

During Season Four, William was originally a member of the Blue Team, but became part of the Green Team during the last half of the competition. He was eliminated during Week Nine, after losing an Elimination Challenge against Chris Cheng.

William was brought back for Season Five, but was eliminated during Week Eleven after losing an Elimination Challenge against Brian Zins and Chris Cerino.

Personal life

William Bethards is currently a firearms instructor for the FBI. He is also a church deacon and former member of the Marine Corps Shooting Team. In 1994 he won the coveted Gold Lauchheimer Trophy, awarded each year to the top rifle and pistol shooter in the entire Corps. William is also a former Virginia state trooper that has won national and state 3-gun championships. He also shoots Olympic-style compound bows.

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According to Behind the Bullet, William will be competing at the National Rifle and Pistol Championship.

Top Shot: Season 5

In 2013, it was announced that William would be a contestant in Season Five, Top Shot All-Stars.

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